An Updated List Of The Best True Crime + Horror Podcasts

Is it really a typical work day here at the A Girl & Grey office if a true crime podcast isn’t blaring from my laptop speakers?

I consider myself to be somewhat of an expert when it comes to true crime podcasts. I’ve been listening to them for years, and over that time have slowly grown my subscription list to the point where I have at least two or three new episodes to listen to each and every day.

It’s gotten to the point now where I can’t focus (especially while doing creative work) unless I’m listening to a podcast.

I know. It’s a problem.

I’ve also grown to really enjoy horror podcasts, which is something that surprises even me. I’m not super into silly stories and sound effects, but I appreciate a good plot-line. I think that’s mainly what it is – I love the narrative aspect of it, and who doesn’t love to feel a little spooked?! Sometimes there are stories that can never happen in real life, so it’s fun to let your imagination come out and play from time to time.

Keep on reading to find out all of the podcasts on my subscription list right now. Some are my ride-or-dies, while others I dip in and out of, but I’m sure there’s something for literally everyone on this list.

Without further adieu…

An Updated List Of The Best True Crime + Horror Podcasts


This weekly podcast is originally what got me into the horror genre. Anyone that’s ventured into the NoSleep reddit knows how creepy these stories can be, and each episode of the NoSleep Podcast is basically a mashup of different short horror stories, performed by various voice actors. I’ll admit: I do find some stories to be a bit cheesy, and there are some voice actors that appear on this podcast whose voices I literally cannot stand, but there’s always at least one story per episode that creeps me out to no end. So it’s worth it, in that regard.


All Killa No Filla is my latest obsession. It’s a true crime podcast by two comedians, and it’s possibly the funniest podcast I’ve ever listened to. Kiri and Rachel are so unfiltered, so brazen, and so witty — there’s no right way to explain this podcast, really. The only thing I’d say is you shouldn’t listen to it with your parents, or anyone that’s easily offended, because there are no holds barred with this one.


I think that Casefile is the kind of podcast you already listen to if you’re into true crime, so I’m not sure if there’s much more explaining to do. All you need to know is this: it’s true crime content, with brilliant research and a very Australian presenter that still remains anonymous to this day. Sometimes I find this podcast can be a little too much for me, especially if I’m having one of those days when I can’t bring myself to listen to awful things, but I will say that the research is second to none.


Yet another true crime podcast that literally everyone and their mother listen to, but it always deserves a spot on these kinds of lists. I still listen to every episode as soon as they air, so I think it’s obvious that I won’t be tiring of Karen and Georgia any time soon.


SKS is hosted by David Ridgen, and it originally came to fame because of Ridgen’s incredible coverage of the 1972 Adrien McNaughton disappearance in Ontario, Canada. This one is a serious true crime podcast, but that’s what sets it apart from the others. The content is heavy and uncomfortable but a necessary and must-needed discourse on cold cases. Season one covers Adrien’s disappearance, season two covers the disappearance of Sheryl Sheppard, season three covers the murder of two men by the KKK, season four covers the mail bomb murder of Wayne Greavette, and season five covers the brutal unsolved murder of Kerrie Brown. Ridgen is truly a beacon of the investigative journalism, filmmaking and podcasting community, and I can’t wait to see what he does next.


Payne Lindsey set the podcasting world alight when the case he was covering for almost an entire year went from cold to somewhat solved overnight. The case of Tara Grinstead is well known in the true crime community for this very reason, and they’re still dealing with the two suspected perps in the justice system as this goes live. I think Up and Vanished is a must-listen for anyone that’s interested in true crime, because it really shows how media attention can impact cold cases and stir up some answers, even after 14 years of silence.


While this isn’t my favourite true crime / horror / comedy podcast, I do appreciate its coverage of the paranormal. It’s something a little different and I always love learning about paranormal history, no matter the format.


This is another weekly horror podcast that shares spooky stories from reddit threads. I think this one is five hundred times more terrifying than NoSleep, so don’t listen to it at night. It’s fab for anyone that loves a little bit of horror in their life, and the presenters voice is ideal for the format. No annoying shrieking in this one, I promise.


This is another serious true crime podcast, and it covers the cold cases of marginalised communities. It’s hosted by a professor and licensed therapist whose voice is very calming and matter of fact, so trust me when I say this one isn’t exactly ‘entertaining’. But again, it’s creating a necessary discourse around cases that need media attention and interest, and that’s why it’s a must listen.


One of my followers on Instagram recommended this podcast to me a few months ago, and since then it’s quickly become one of my favourites. Sabrina and Corinne discuss all things paranormal each week and I love it. I’m never sure if I actually believe in ghosts or if I just like the concept of them, but sometimes it’s fun to pretend I do believe. I’d recommend this podcast to anyone looking to open their mind a little and have fun while doing it.


Okay, so let me just say this. Crime Junkie is an interesting podcast and enjoyable to listen to, but I am sometimes left wondering why there are two hosts when only one of them does the speaking. 95% of it, at least. Anyway, if you can look past that confusing setup, know that this true crime podcast is informational and covers lots of popular cases, just in a different way. It’s not my favourite true crime podcast by any means, but I do think it still deserves a place on this list.


This is the newest podcast I’ve added to my repertoire, but as a horror film fan, I’m so glad I’ve found it. Basically, the hosts discuss a different horror film each week. Sometimes they do a review, other times they run through the film scene by scene, and there’s always a little horror film history along the way, which I think is my favourite part. It’s a fun, low key podcast to listen to while I’m working, and I kind of love knowing the BTS of some of my favourite horror films. If you’re a film nerd, I think you’d love this podcast, too.


If we’re talking about consistency, the Generation Why podcast has always been my number one. Their episodes are always good. Always. Aaron and Justin cover true crime cases with so much respect and compassion, and they’re so knowledgeable about everything when it comes to true crime. If you’ve not subscribed yet, what are you even doing with your life?


Kendall and Josh are the hosts of the Mile Higher podcast, and while they do sometimes cover conspiracy theories and other things I’m not super into, their true crime content is my favourite. I also just love the dynamic between them, and as a long time fan of Kendall’s YouTube channel, I really appreciate this extra content they release each week.


This podcast is an insanely good binge-fest for those that love true crime, cold cases and the hunt for a serial killer. I finished all six episodes in one day and was left wanting about a hundred more. Bear Brook is fab for those who are serious about true crime and love the process of piecing together clues.


The concept of this podcast is great: each episode features a guest that’s one degree away from a true crime story. So far, they’ve covered cases like the theory of the smiley face killer, Ted Bundy and the Jonestown massacre, and I like that the podcast focuses heavily on the guests experiences surrounding the crime. Super interesting, and super original at the same time. Did I mention Billy Jensen is one of the hosts? Yeah, you better go and subscribe right now beb.


Okay, this is one of my favourite true crime podcasts ever, and I think it’s because I can imagine myself being friends with all of the hosts. Bethan, Alice and Kyle are all hilarious Brits with lots of drunk anecdotes, and I mainly come for that, if I’m honest. Aside from that, you can tell that they really put their all into the research they do for each episode, and it’s always great to support people who work hard for the things they’re passionate about. I’d recommend this podcast if you love true crime and the all of the niche sayings that British people have. I’ll also tell you that Kyle is a musician and has one of the most beautiful voices I’ve heard in my entire life, so there’s that.


Another podcast that’s a bit of fun is True Crime Garage hosted by Nick and the Captain. I wouldn’t say it’s my favourite, but it’s a consistent podcast that shares an interesting dialogue on crime cases that we all know, as well as those we don’t. It’s something I’d recommend for anyone that isn’t super into true crime, and maybe someone that prefers a super relaxed dialogue around cases, as opposed to tightly wound research and comedic relief.


This Australian podcast covers the well publicised Madeleine McCann disappearance in a super-thorough way. I appreciate all of the interviews it features, and I also think the presenter is fantastic. I’m not really into this podcast as much as I was when I first started listening — mainly because I think it’s had enough publicity and there are many other missing child cases that deserve the time and resources that are going into this case — but I thought I’d mention it incase any of you guys were interested. It’s very good, and unbiased, and I think it covers a lot of the relevant info, but again — not a priority for me at this point.


If you’re looking for a podcast that’s covering a super recent true crime case, let it be this one. To Live and Die in LA covers the disappearance of Adea Shabani, an aspiring actress and model who vanished from her apartment complex in Los Angeles just last year. The episodes are riveting, trust me when I say that, and each time they’re released I’m on them almost instantly. I also love the host, Neil. He’s so emotive with his reactions to updates in the investigation, and I often hear him reacting the exact way I would if I was in his position. I also appreciate his journalistic integrity and the way he treats the people he comes across in this super sensitive, highly controversial case. You can tell that he really wants to help and make a positive difference in this case, and I love him for that.


I already hinted at how obsessed I am with Billy Jensen, so imagine my surprise when he revealed he was hosting another true crime podcast, this time alongside Paul Holes, a.k.a. the cult-famous investigator who worked on the recently solved Golden State Killer case for decades. Jensen and Holes is a super serious true crime podcast, and because of this it can at times be a little dry and information heavy, but I do really respect Billy and Paul for the different roles they play within the true crime community. Also, I loooove hearing their perspective on different cases week to week, and I have so much admiration for the wealth of knowledge these two men possess.


Prison Break is one of my favourite shows ever, so of course I love this Australian run podcast. It covers the stories of people who have escaped from prisons around the world, which is a concept that both fascinates and terrifies me. It’s still super new, so I’m not sure how many people know about it yet, but I do really like hearing the stories surrounding these controversial AF prison breaks.


Were you able to find a new podcast to add to your queue after reading this post? If not, have you checked out these female-run podcasts? Let me know if there are any other true crime or horror podcasts I should add to the list!


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