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Ummm is it just me or has there been a ridiculous amount of good stuff to watch on Netflix lately? I’m kind of surprised by how many new shows and movies I’ve actually watched and loved this month.

From a documentary about the festival that never happened to a crazy, creepy series that opened a lot of discussion about social media and acceptable behaviour online – here’s what you should watch on Netflix right now.


I feel like everyone needs to watch You, even if it’s just to learn a thing or two about internet safety. You is a twisted and dark thriller series like no other. Think boy meets girl, but take it way further than that and throw a little psychological manipulation in there and you have a pretty accurate description of it. It’s the show that had *everyone* talking about the VERY CLEAR LINE between an ordinary romantic pursuit and flat out stalking, as well as the frustration they had with the curtain situation. You is a must watch if you’re into thrillers, or if you’re a Shay Mitchell fan, because her character in this show is kinda epic, tbh.


Okay, this documentary was added only a few days ago and I’ve already heard so much buzz about it. We watched it over the weekend and all I can say is: wow. I’m not really a festival person and I don’t really watch documentaries either, but I really enjoyed this one for it’s insight into the festival that social media (and a possible sociopath) built. I just feel so bad for the locals on the island where the festival was supposed to take place – they all put so much time and effort in and are STILL yet to be paid, almost two years later!


I recently saw online that Ellen Degeneres is in her SIXTIES, which absolutely shocked me. I swear, that woman radiates so much light and positivity and energy that it really shows how being unproblematic can benefit your life greatly. Anyway, I decided to watch her new Netflix comedy special a few days ago and wasn’t surprised at all by how good it was. I laughed and I cried at a few parts, and finished it thinking about how much of an incredible impact Ellen has had on the world in her sixty-something years. Ellen for President 2k20? Plz?


Here’s a little tip for you: if you’re wanting your significant other/roommate to start being a little tidier, just sit them down casually with this show on in the background and who knows? They might become obsessed with tidying up, like the majority of the people who have watched this show now are. I’ve always been bit of a tidy freak, so watching Tidying Up With Marie Kondo was more aesthetically pleasing as opposed to informational. I do love her minimising folding technique though! It’s genius.


I feel like I’ve always been a bit of a closeted Taylor Swift fan. Her lyrics are absolutely spot on and I love all of her recent music, however sometimes I feel like her brand is more suited to 14/15 year olds that love a bit of drama and over-exaggeration – thus why I’ve never actually been to any of her shows and why I didn’t jump on watching her Reputation stadium tour on Netflix immediately. BUT, one day I was feeling a little flat and decided to put it on “in the background” while I worked, a.k.a. my laptop went away and I laid on the couch for over an hour staring at my tv lol. And you know what? I actually LOVED it – the dancing and the songs, as well all three of the stages and costumes – I even liked the little intermissions. It was so well and designed and very on-brand for the album, so of course I’m now very much back on the T-Swift bandwagon! I can’t wait to see what she creates next.


All I can say is that if you haven’t watched Bird Box yet – what are you even DOING with your life? It’s Sandra Bullock, my dude. She can’t do no wrong. Watch it now and report back! It’s my favourite movie of 2018, hands down.


Okay, I put this show on the other night on a whim and omfg it’s hilarious. I’m not even sure who I would recommend this show to, but if you’re into British comedy, I’d say you’ll probably like it. Harry and I watched about five episodes in the one sitting and laughed the ENTIRE time.


This film is a little more of a marmite recommendation, however if you’re into slasher thrillers that don’t exactly have the most logistical plot lines, then this is for you. It’s about a family that goes to stay at their lake cabin for a few days and find themselves being taunted by a man in a mask… It’s the perfect amount of tension and jump scares for a Friday night in with a bucket of popcorn.


Okay, this is a little bit of an older film, however it’s just so shockingly good that I have to recommend it to you guys. Netflix recently added it to their catalogue and I rewatched it over the weekend (can you tell I didn’t leave my house for 48 hours??). It’s based on the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami in Thailand and will leave you *absolutely* shook. A must watch if you love natural disaster films.


Another thriller, this time a psychological thriller, but a must see for anyone that loves to feel uneasy and question *absolutely* everything. I believe this film is adapted from a book, too, so it’s definitely one to check out!

What To Watch On Netflix This Month | A Girl & Grey | @agirlandgrey

What have you been watching on Netflix this month?