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I’ve been limiting my Netflix consumption to the weekends in an effort to spend more time during the week being productive. Whether that’s folding laundry whilst listening to an audiobook or getting some work done in the quiet hours of the evening, I’ve been actively saving my Netflix and chill time for Saturday and Sunday, and I think it’s made the whole routine feel a little more relaxing.

Instead of switching on just any old show to eat dinner and zone out to, I’m more interested in the things I’m consuming, and consistently making an effort to venture into genres and styles of film that I normally wouldn’t.

This month’s Netflix recommendations come from a list of the films and shows I’ve watched recently, but also some that have been placed on my to-watch-ASAP list because of how many times my friends keep telling me I *absolutely have to* watch them. I hope this post helps you find your next favourite show, or at least fuels your next Friday night Netflix binge.


Okay, let’s start with this one. It’s got Liam Hemsworth in it, which makes it a must-watch within it’s own right, but it also stars Rebel Wilson and Priyanka Chopra so that’s that on that.

Can you tell I have zero idea what the plot line is? I’m obviously just here for the star-studded cast.


Hands up if you binge-listened to this podcast in about a day? I’m still yet to watch this one, but I’ve heard it’s pretty great, albeit slightly dramatised. Ten points for casting Eric Bana, too.


Did you watch this one at the cinema when it first came out? I’m a major Blake Lively fan, so of-course-I-bloody-did. Dragged Harry along too! Well now it’s on Netflix, so you can just keep on rewatching it until you figure out the secret to Blake Lively’s perfectly messy-chic hair. Also — is anyone else just obsessed with ‘killer creature’ movies? Snakes, sharks, even crocodiles — I’ve watched them all MANY times over. I just can’t help myself, honestly.


I never read the book, but the movie is just so fab. I rewatched it this past Sunday, actually, and had so many feels at the end. It’s one of those young adult narratives with a surprisingly deep story and characters you can’t help but fall in love with while at the same time wishing you were one of them.


Did I also mention that I love destruction movies? And movies about animals taking over the world? And The Rock? LOL so basically, Rampage is my absolute cup of tea.


Newsletter subscribers will already know how I feel about this insane documentary, but do yourself a favour: if you haven’t watched it yet — do it. And report back. I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.


A super indie thriller, but also a very enjoyable one at that. It’s very rare for the main love interests to be LGBTQI, so I’m v here for this one.


Leighton Meester well and truly perfects the role of the strange roommate in this college thriller. You’ll never see her as Blair Waldorf again.


If you’re into those daytime TV thrillers, then I think you’ll like this film. It’s a little cheesy and too coincidental, but enjoyable nonetheless.


I haven’t watched this show yet, but I’ve heard so many great things that it’s currently sitting at the top of my to-watch list. Have you started watching it? I’d love to know your thoughts on it!


We began watching this show about a month or two ago, but never really got into it because we were so distracted by our phones. This month, I’m going to actually sit down and watch the entire thing through. I’m not usually a political thriller gal, but I’ve heard and read so many great reviews and I feel as though this show might change that for me.

What To Watch On Netflix This Month | A Girl & Grey | @agirlandgrey

What have you been watching on Netflix lately? Do you have any recommendations for shows or movies I need to watch this month?


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      Haha I hope you’re able to make it through without vomiting! It’s honestly such a sickening story.