Tiny Moments

Tiny Moments

I’m one of those girls that loves a *birthday week* and I’m so aware of how obnoxious that is. As of today, it’s officially one week until my 26th birthday and I’m so excited for it. These past few weeks have been a whirlwind of exams and travelling and lots of deadlines, so I’m excited to take an entire day to celebrate my birthday without feeling as though I should be working. Here’s to birthday celebrations and the lead-up to Christmas!


finally finding cat treats that Belle and Nala actually like // stocking my fridge with caffeine free Diet Coke // whispering through early morning conversations // connecting with people I love over things I love // opening a full fridge // waking up in the morning with clear skin // photographing horses in a field of green // getting excited for my birthday, even in my mid-twenties // putting caramel syrup in my iced latte pre 8am // realising that I survived high-school // buying new skincare // when Belle lets me hold her paw while she sleeps on my lap // the satisfaction of a clean home // coming home to cats // remembering that Ferrero Rochers exist // when shopping centres get new stores // eating Chinese takeout with my dad // listening to Ariana Grande for four hours straight // when the fries are fresh // actually being able to sleep in until 9am

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