Tiny Christmas Moments

Tiny Christmas Moments

Christmas is all about tiny moments that are bursting with magic, and we all know how I like to document those moments here on my blog. I challenge you to share some of your favourite tiny Christmas moments with me in the comments below!


turning the Christmas tree lights on at 6am

putting a spoonful of Cadbury hot chocolate powder in my iced coffee each morning with zero guilt

dressing my cats up in festive outfits

dollar store toffees

watching Zoe Sugg’s vlogmas before I get out of bed

eating my weight in roasted potatoes

putting glitter on everything, including my nails, side tables and Christmas tree

singing Mistletoe by Justin Bieber at an offensively loud level

closing the blinds and putting the air-conditioning on so I can pretend that I live in the North Pole

the desserts – omfg *all* of the desserts

hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows

colourful Christmas lights

festive pyjamas

any chocolate by Lindt


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