The Things I Love About Being An Adult | A Girl & Grey

There are so many things about being an adult that I looked forward to when I was a kid. I remember sitting in an 8:30am maths class on a Monday and fantasising about the days where I didn’t have to go to school. I also used to dream about eating ice-cream (and only ice-cream) for dinner, and having my own place to decorate, and maybe even my very own ensuite???

Well, it turns out, I got that ensuite. However, being an adult isn’t all rainbows and sunshine. It can be tough, and stressful, and isolating. Bills and chores and work and tax and all of those things that we never learnt about in school start to add up and can get a little overwhelming at times, I’ll admit. 

BUT, I think I’d still say at the end of the day that I do I prefer being an adult over being a child. Don’t you?

In light of that, here are the things I love about being an adult, in no particular order. I encourage you to share the things YOU love about being an adult in the comments below. I can’t wait to read your responses!

The Things I Love About Being An Adult | A Girl & Grey

Buying all of the fun food at the grocery store.

Singing in the shower. Badly.

Staying up as late as you’d like.

Talking to your pets in a weird voice without being judged.

Having your friends over without asking for permission.

Ice-cream for dinner, obviously.

Decorating your house exactly the way you want to.

No bed time.

Watching horror films at 8am.

No school.

No curfew.

Bringing home a cat, or a dog, or a horse, if you want to, without asking anyone if you’re allowed to.

Going and visiting your family, which usually involves getting fed VERY well and lots of attention.

Deciding what YOU want to do every day. There are no routines or schedules that you have to follow outside of your job.

Sleeping in until 4pm on Saturdays without getting in trouble.

You can drive! Literally! Wherever! You! Want!

No exams.

Appreciating your parent/s more.

A pepperoni pizza is $5 and you can eat it whenever you want. 2pm? Fab! 11.15pm? Even better!

Getting piercings, tattoos and haircuts without permission, also literally whenever you want.

Never having to eat something you don’t like again. Pea and ham soup, I’m looking at you!

The accomplished feeling of a freshly cleaned house.

Swearing as much as you want.


What are the things you love about being an adult?