The Sunday Edition

The Sunday Edition | A Girl & Grey

Have you ever forgotten that your tea is freshly made and go to take a great big sip?

Yeah, I just did that, and I’ve burnt not only my tongue, but my chin, nose and somehow my foot. Brilliant end to the weekend, if you ask me.

I usually try and get these posts up first thing Sunday morning, but it’s coming closer to 5pm on Sunday afternoon and I’ve only just started working on it.

I don’t have an excuse, really. This weekend was full of flowers and brunch and Diet Coke, and then a whooooole lotta tidying. There’s something about a weekend tidy that makes Monday feel all the more bearable. It just felt natural to step back from my computer for a little while – at least for a few hours.

I’m bringing you a fresh round of articles and links again this Sunday, with commentary on Serena Williams, a hilarious recap of a bloggers first dates, and a bucket list for solo female travellers.

Let’s get on with it, shall we?

* * *

I know it’s technically not Autumn here, but it is Halloween season a.k.a. pumpkin everything. Here are fifteen pumpkin recipes to make right now.

Activated charcoal beauty products to add to your arsenal.

A rehash of all of my first dates – such a laugh-out-loud article.

How good do these mango black bean rice bowls look?

Places every woman should visit by herself.

Love this list of smoothie boosters.

The perfect loafers for the new season… and they’re under $25!

Every single app you need to up your instagram game.

Tips on living a low waste lifestyle.

Looking to upgrade your camera kit? Here’s a bloggers guide to DSLRs.

Tech neck is the bane of my existence. Goop shared this article on how to get rid of it, and I’m going to give the exercises a go this week. Wish me luck!

I’m reading this book right now and omg it’s so tense.

Twenty five ways to eliminate toxins from your system.

On that, here’s twenty five more.

Okay, I think I need this copper mirror for my office.

How did you guys feel about the Serena Williams final? This commentary is spot on for me.

To all the grown-ass adults who loved ‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before’ – lol yes.

I need these chic af sunnies. I imagine they’d go with pretty much anything?

Some tips on maintaining long distance relationships.

Wait – have you seen Ashley Benson’s NY apartment?

The secret to smooth skin.

I swear kikki.K have the cutest homewares in right now. I love the little takeaway coffee cups!

Have a lovely Sunday!

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