The Sunday Edition

The Sunday Edition

I stumbled across @marykendallb‘s ‘My Little Happies’ hashtag again this week and it totally inspired me to create a list of my own ‘little happies’ from the past week to share with you all.

If you’ve got no idea what I’m talking about, you can see one of her posts here which shows the usual format and vibe of the idea. I love the concept of appreciating the tiniest of moments that make us happy – it really puts life in perspective and makes me want to live in the moment more!

Here we gooooo – here are some of the things that made me happy this week. Hope you guys like this Sunday Edition. Don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter & I’ll be back next week!


cotton sheets on a cold winters night

the first cup of tea of the day

the smell of Harry’s coffee

a textured lob

when Belle stretches in her sleep

a fully charged phone

almost painfully burning hot showers

singing obnoxiously loud to Cardi B

clear skin

Nala’s surprised face

broccoli rice



This NZ cabin doesn’t look like much on the outside but it’s so beyond magical inside – booking NZ tickets now!

I really appreciated Chloe’s take on her University experience as mine has been quite similar, even in my second degree. Can you relate?

I’m so obsessed with this cosy yet chic backyard setup.

A first trimester survival guide for all of the mums-to-be out there.

I enjoyed reading this perspective on the Kylie Jenner/self-made millionaire debacle.

Picking the right facial oil can be hard, but this guide is brilliant for those who are still stuck on which to choose.

The ways in which dehydration affects your body.

Technically it’s not summer here, but the daytime temps are reaching the mid-to-high twenties so these smoothie ice lollies are looking v tempting.

Loved this post by Anna on work-from-home tips.

Face scrubs you can make with ingredients in your kitchen. Sounds fab – sign me up!

Some foods that help your skin fight sun damage. I’ll take an iced matcha to go plz!

I loved this simple, cosy post about BLTs.

We have a bougie AF pillow top mattress and my boyfriend is a sweat machine so to say it’s not looking great after 5 years would be a bit of an understatement. I found this article yesterday about cleaning a mattress at home and you guys!!! I’m going to give it a go soon and let you know how I went with it. Fingers crossed it makes me feel less embarrassed on sheet-washing day.

This French-girl starter kit is everything.

How to give yourself a flawless blow-out at home.

Loved this fun post on renaming our flaws.

This Paris bucket list makes my wanderlust go crazy.

Worried about aging, but also on a budget? Here are the best drugstore anti-aging serums.

How to dump someone you’re dating over text. I’ve been in a relationship for almost eight years now, so I haven’t had to experience online dating, but Ella is very knowledgable in all things online dating so I trust her tips here on how to dump someone you’ve only been casually dating.


Winter is almost over, but I’m still v much in jacket mode. This leather biker jacket is so chic and fun and would look fab with some high waisted dark denim and a white cami.

On that – let’s take a sec to appreciate this leather midi skirt. DYING over the fit of it – very Lucy Liu in Charlies Angels, right?!

These tailored culottes are currently half price – run, don’t walk!

The culottes would go perfectly with these loafers too, tbh.

V much into this oversized coat – I think it would go with almost anything, so well worth the investment. Also, the funnel neck is fun!

This looks like the PERF New Years dress – I know it’s early but you can never be too prepared.

How gorgeous is this midi dress? Would be perf for any upcoming weddings/events you have. You could pair it with the leather biker jacket I linked above, too!

SO here for these over-the-knee boots.

The perfect pinky-nude heels for any occasion.


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