The Sunday Edition

The Sunday Edition | A Girl & Grey

Have you ever suffered from burnout?

A new study found that burnout is way more common in women than men, because women are less likely to be given positions of power which causes them to become overwhelmed with frustration.

I find that to be such a depressing statistic, but I don’t know any women who haven’t experienced sexism in the workplace by this point. What a bizarre climate we live in right now. Toxic masculinity is at an all time high and us women need to stick together, that’s for sure.

Here are some articles to browse at your leisure on this glorious Sunday. I hope that you have no plans and as such, are able to spend at least three hours in bed with endless cups of tea and maybe a pastry – or two – or maybe even three. I won’t judge you!


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5 Ways To Make Your Thin Hair Look Thicker – Byrdie

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Fashion Designer Alexis Mabille’s Paris Apartment Is a Romantic’s Dream – Architectural Digest

Rules for Raising Teenage Girls – A Cup of Jo

Natural Botox: Cactus Oil Benefits for Skin – The Stripe

4 Cosy Autumnal Bedrooms in Norway – My Scandinavian Home

How to Set Yourself Up for a Stress Free Workday – Camille Styles

Why Burnout is More Prevalent in Women than Men – The Everygirl

The Responsibility of Influencers – Cupcakes and Cashmere

Chai Latte Cupcakes – Sally’s Baking Addiction

How to Use Pinterest to Boost Your Online Presence – Coco’s Tea Party


Happy Sunday!

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