The Sunday Edition

The Sunday Edition

Are you aware of all the ways stress can affect your body?

I’m highly aware that I am constantly stressed. I tell my boyfriend that I’m basically at 97% stress levels at all times and that’s why I’m such a bitch lol. Really though, it is a major problem that I have, and I don’t really know how to manage my stress levels. But then I read this article and I knew I needed to make reducing my stress levels a priority, because I literally have ALL of these issues lol whoops! I’m interested to know how you manage your stress levels? I’d love some tips and advice!

This tomato vodka creamy pasta is guaranteed to make all of your worries disappear. Side note: Is anyone else afraid to cook with vodka after watching Snooki’s pouf almost go up in flames in Season 2 of Jersey Shore? Just me?

Loved this piece by Chloe on our ghost lives and the ‘what if’.

How to cut down on fighting with your significant other.

The most beautiful Swedish home.

How to handle rejection in life, according to successful women.

Dying over this simple gnocchi recipe.

Five easy ways to make your weekends last longer.

How to fall asleep fast — loved these tips.

Life hacks busy people should know about. A must read because they’re all original tips that actually work!

How to make pesto — something I’m apparently still yet to master because mine always goes brown???

Twenty green choices anyone can make right now.

How to raise a super affectionate cat.

Eight rules for working with friends. A v important read for entrepreneurs.

The prettiest house in the woods. Honestly, it’s my dream home.

Three things we should all stop apologising for.

And, on that: here’s why a good apology still matters.

Really useful tips on reducing anxiety.

Also, ICYMI:

The plant based milks we use every day.

A few of Belle and Nala’s favourite things.

Five of my favourite Instagram accounts this month.

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