The Sunday Edition

The Sunday Edition | A Girl & Grey | @agirlandgrey

How do you practice ‘self-care’? It was the buzz-word of 2018 and the trend has well and truly continued into 2019, with more face masks on the planet than ever before and an entire movement behind the concept of putting yourself first, if only for a mere thirty minutes a day.

My gorgeous friend Laura has shared thirty ways to practice self-care over on her blog, and she’s talking about a lot of the things we often overlook when discussing self-care. Waking up early to watch the sunrise, organising your closet and buying yourself flowers are just a few of my favourites on her list.

Thirty minute sheet pan chicken tinga bowls. YES PLEASE.

Absolutely loved this post on how social media has empowered women.

Twelve home decor DIYs to try this weekend.

Seven ways you can instantly improve your day.

Five books you hated in high school but would love now.

Loved this piece on whether or not you should invest in fashion trends.

SO here for this vegan choc-chip cookie recipe.

Remember when people used to actually make an effort? Yeah, me neither. Loved this post, though.

Peruvian-style alfajores, a.k.a. spiced caramel that’s sandwiched between two shortbread cookies. Omg.

The daily routines of writers always fascinate me.

What’s the most lucrative side-hustle you’ve ever had?

Everything you need to know about rosehip oil.

Did you hear? Lauren Conrad is starting a podcast!

How to make your picture fit the Instagram crop.

Getting rid of stretch marks using a derma roller? I’m going to have to try this one and report back.

How to create a corner gallery wall.

Easy Ayurvedic habits for healthy skin.

A candle mistake that you don’t want to be making.

Nine female owned brands that give back.

Why having an email list is now more important than ever.

Have a lovely Sunday!

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