The Plant Based Milks We Use Every Day | www.agirlandgrey.com

I used to love my extra strong English Breakfast cuppa with a dash of organic full-fat cows milk, but I honestly haven’t bought cows milk in such a long time. I’m thinking four or five years? We drink plant based milks now, and I genuinely would never go back to cows milk, ever. I just don’t see the need to when we have access to plant based milk.

I remember when I first started experimenting with plant based milks. It was back when there were only one or two brands of almond milk, and cashew, hazelnut, hemp, macadamia and walnut milk were literally unheard of. 

We’ve come a long way since then, and I for one, am so glad about it. Too much dairy makes my skin break out and I get really bloated if I have too much. I’m also super weird about the way milk smells? It’s always grossed me out, and I would throw milk out if it was even one day prior to expiring because I just got so weird about it. But, with all of that said, I still go crazy for a cheese platter and don’t even try to withhold the ice-cream from me. I don’t hate dairy — not in the slightest. I just don’t care for cows milk. 

So, from almond and hazelnut to soy and macadamia: here are the plant based milks we love and use every day, as well as how we use them.


Soy milk used to be the only option for those wishing to bypass cows milk, and it’s still the most commonly available lactose-free milk on the market. Almost all coffee shops offer a soy milk option when ordering, and that’s what I usually opt for when ordering tea or coffee out because it’s normally the most safe in terms of it not ruining the drink or tasting awful.

I have read some studies that suggest drinking soy milk will increase estrogen levels within the body as it contains compounds that mimic natural estrogen patterns, however I’ve also read that a moderate amount of soy is not of concern. Either way, I always buy organic unsweetened soy milk and consume it once or twice a day in hot drinks like hot chocolate or lattes — basically any drink that I make using the frothing wand on my coffee machine. Soy milk creates the silkiest froth out of all the plant based milks (as you can see in the above photos), so I definitely recommend it for that.


Almond milk is another plant based milk that I use every day. I don’t really like it in tea or coffee as it’s not creamy enough (and it makes the drink taste super nutty — something that I’m not a fan of), but I do use it for smoothies, in cereal and basically wherever I would need regular cows milk. Baking, mashed potatoes, etc, etc. I also love to use it when I’m making body scrubs at home as I find it’s super nourishing. Always unsweetened and minimal ingredients, plz.


Okay, hazelnut milk isn’t something we technically use every day, but I do like to buy it on the odd occasion as a treat. Here’s the thing: I only like using it to make hot chocolate, because mixing it with cacao powder makes some Nutella tasting magic, lemme just tell ya. So, again, not something I use every day per se, but I also do recommend it if you love a healthier Nutella hot chocolate moment.


Another plant based milk we use every day is oat milk. Admittedly, Harry isn’t the biggest fan of oat milk, but I love using it in my tea and also in lattes if I don’t feel like soy milk. I also sometimes use it in baking if I don’t have almond milk on hand. It’s basically a super versatile back up option, if that makes sense.


And, finally, my favourite plant based milk ever. Macadamia milk is still super hard to get your hands on, and soooo expensive to make, but it’s my favourite cows milk alternative yet because it’s the tastiest out of the bunch. I use it to make lattes, I use it in my tea, I looooooove it poured over granola and I love it in hot chocolate, too. It’s so creamy and silky and naturally sweet. We’ve found two cafés in our area that offer macadamia milk so far, but I do think it’s something that’s slowly going to become more available over time, simply because it’s super versatile and super yum.

While you’re here, make sure to check out my recipes, as most of them are made using plant based milk. Think peppermint mocha donuts and a matcha frappuccino. YUM, right?