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Do you subscribe to email newsletters? I’ve promoted mine on the blog occasionally, but I’m well aware that the idea of an email newsletter sounds a little… spammy. I used to feel that way, too, I’ll admit. Surely the content within an email newsletter would be better received on instagram, or even on the blog, perhaps?

However, slowly, over the course of a few months, I’ve done a little more research on newsletter based content, subscribing to a bunch of blogger newsletters in the process.

Would you like to know what I’ve learnt?

Here it is: I actually quite enjoy recieving my blogger newsletters in my inbox everyday! It’s like a bite sized morsel of content that I know I’ll always enjoy, and it feels a little exclusive to have it arrive on my phone and computer, unable to be accessed by the rest of the world.

If you’re a newb to blogger newsletters and are interested in learning more about them, keep on reading to find out which ones I recommend! There certainly are diamonds among the rough, and these four are *without fail* my absolute faves.

The Blogger Newsletters You Need To Subscribe To | A Girl & Grey


Ella’s newsletter always feels like perusing a glossy magazine. It’s full of conversation and instagram shoutouts and television show recommendations… a.k.a. my favourite kind of content. I always feel like I’m finding something new when I read the Coco’s Tea Party newsletter, which is a major plus for me. I’ve definitely subscribed to newsletters that just regurgitate blog posts in email form, and that gets a little boring after a while. I love exclusive tidbits of content that I normally wouldn’t find on a blog or on an instagram feed, and Ella’s newsletter is full of exactly that. Subscribe to Ella’s email newsletter on her blog here. The subscription form is on the right hand side of her main page!


I loooove Anna’s email newsletter. It’s titled ‘An Edited Life’, and is so popular that Anna has now written a book based on the content she features in her newsletters. Each email from Anna is like a blog post within itself – all exclusively based around the topic of organisation. Her latest instalment gives the reader tips on ‘what to do when you’ve fudged up your timings’… a.k.a. a step-by-step guide for getting that assignment/article/job done when you’ve left it to the last minute. I’m a Grade A procrastinator at heart, so you better believe that I bookmarked the email to refer back to at a later date! Anna also shares a few articles from around the web that are equally inspiring and entertaining, and chats us through a few of her latest purchases. You can subscribe to Anna’s newsletter on her blog here – the sign up form is just a little way down the front page.


Amy’s newsletter is perfect for plant lovers across the world. She’s basically a plant expert – sharing her favourite tips and tricks for purchasing indoor plants, and actually keeping them alive {something which I’m not very good at, to be completely honest}. Amy also answers plant related questions from her followers in each instalment, which is something I’m such a fan of! I love it when bloggers share their expertise with their readers. Subscribe to Amy’s Call Me A Plant Lady here.


Olivia is basically the queen of email newsletters, and her Sunday Duvet Reading is definitely my favourite subscription to date. It’s for sure the most jam-packed newsletter I’ve ever read – with music, reading and fashion recommendations, as well as some fab tweets and blog posts to catch up on that were written by Olivia herself. The newsletter itself is pink and vibrant and fun and – honestly – such a pleasure to read. You can subscribe to Olivia’s Sunday Duvet Reading on her blog here. The subscription form is down at the very bottom of her main page.


Are there any other blogger newsletters you can recommend?


  1. October 9, 2018 / 8:23 pm

    A lovely post! I follow all of these blogger newsletters – they’re all so inspiring and a pleasure to read!
    Another newsletter I subscribe to is “Croissant Reading” by The Elgin Avenue by Monica – always a great curation of interesting links from around the web and beautiful imagery. Also, A Girl & Grey’s newsletter is pretty amazing and gorgeous too – have you heard of it? hehehe 🙂
    Daisy xxx