Matcha Affogato [For Two]

Matcha Affogato [For Two]

Um… guys. You are not ready for how easy this little dessert is. Four ingredients. That’s it! And about five minutes of your time.

I’m a big fan of desserts that are both simple to make and simple to clean up after. And there’s nothing as simple as an affogato. Typically served with coffee, I’ve switched up the simple affogato for something a bit more fun – matcha and chocolate, anyone?

Mastering the affogato is a surefire way to always be prepared for whenever a sweet tooth hits, and also, a way to ensure that every dinner party ends on a high. I’ve never met anyone that doesn’t like vanilla ice cream, after all.

Are you ready to find out how I made these matcha affogatos?

Matcha Affogato For Two - A Girl & Grey


2 teaspoons matcha powder*

3 tablespoons almond/coconut/oat milk

2 scoops vanilla bean ice cream

shaved milk/dark chocolate

Grab a small jar with a tight lid. Place the almond/coconut/oat milk [whichever you prefer] in the jar, as well as the matcha powder. Secure the lid and shake the jar for about 5 minutes, or until the matcha milk is completely smooth. You don’t want any lumps.

Now, grab two jars/shallow cups/bowls – whatever you want to serve the affogatos in. Place one scoop of vanilla bean ice cream in each jar/cup/bowl. Pour the matcha milk over the top. Finish each affogato with a generous amount of shaved chocolate and serve.

Matcha Affogato For Two - A Girl & Grey

*You can use any matcha powder you prefer. Obvs, the higher quality the powder, the better the flavour, etc. I created this recipe using a minty matcha by Bird & Blend Tea Co, but they also sell salted caramel and gingernut matcha. Shop their range here.

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