Letter From The Editor: October

Letter From The Editor: October | A Girl & Grey

Welcome to a new thing I’m trying out on the blog – a letter from the editor [lol hi that’s me] to celebrate the start of each month.

I know that I am technically the person behind each post on this blog – and will continue to be for the foreseeable future – however I think that each post I share on agirlandgrey.com is individual in it’s own right, and so I never really get the chance to sit down and chat bigger picture with you guys. I think I’m missing out big here, because one of my favourite things on earth is getting the chance to chat with you guys! We do a fair bit of that over on instagram, but I know that a lot of you prefer to engage with me on the blog, so this is your way to do that.

Think of these letters from me as a way to celebrate the start of every month by chatting small goals, monthly themes and upcoming content. It’s basically like a condensed version of my email newsletters [hi to all of my new subscribers, by the way!], except these letters are available to everyone forever. You’ll get a glimpse behind the scenes of the blog, as well as a sneak peek of upcoming content and a little monthly challenge here and there. I hope you enjoy reading these letters as much as I enjoy writing them!


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As it’s officially Halloween month now, I’ve released the Halloween Edit on the blog, which you can find here. Think Halloween homewares and coffee blends and a few costume ideas as well. Ever since my site redesign, I’ve been so excited to include a few more shoppable areas here and there, so I’m super excited to share the Halloween Edit with you all. There’s enough mugs and pumpkin shaped platters to make your home extra spooky for the 31st!


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With October comes a bit of anxiety, for most of us I’m sure. There are only three months left to the year, and aside from preparing for Halloween and Christmas, as well as Hannukah and Thanksgiving, we all have so much to do. We’re all trying to wrap work up neatly for another year, but also looking ahead and making plans and goals for the years ahead. It’s this time of year that I often find myself looking inward, and asking myself if I’m truly happy with the future I have planned. For the first time in my life, I can honestly say that I feel so excited for what’s to come in my life, but I know there have been many years prior to this one when I couldn’t say the same thing.

Something I think that’s important to remember is this: you really are in control of the person you become and the future you have. I think often we can get stuck in a rut and feel as though we’ll always be in the same place, however the world is always growing and changing, and so are you.

So if you’re not feeling happy with where your life is headed – why not make some plans to change that? Start small – wake up half an hour earlier and spend some time planning your future. Do you want to travel? Do you want to excel in your workplace, or do you want to start your own business? Find out what makes you excited to jump out of bed every morning, and start working towards doing that. I know how scary it can be to make big changes – especially when it comes to your career – but remember: nothing changes if nothing changes. Start building your dream life now! Your future self will thank you for it.


The Harry Potter playlist I’ll be blasting all October.


With that said, I think sometimes it can be easy – especially for the self-employed – to burn the candle at both ends and fall into a routine of overworking. I’ve been doing a little bit of web design this past month on top of running this blog, keeping up with social media and emails, running my tutoring business, working on assignments, studying for exams, and preparing to launch my photography business. It’s been a hectic month, to say the least, and most days I can barely keep my head above water. Pair this with a chronic illness, and what results is a poor sleeping schedule, constant migraines and an overall feeling of being constantly tired but wired. Today was a hard day – I had some important emails to get back to, and then I had a tutoring session with a client which was followed by two hours of website design and phone calls, and by midday I just fell flat. I had a migraine and zero sense of productivity. So what did I do?

I napped.

That’s right – I locked myself in my room, snuggled up under the covers, and slept for almost four hours. Afterwards, I woke up, fed my cats and got back into my work. The motto I’ve chosen to adopt for this month is ‘wake up and do all that you can’, and I chose this particular motto because I think it’s so appropriate – especially for me at this stage of my life. Sure – I could pull a 20 hour day and try to tick everything off my to-do list [and sometimes I do just that], but what’s more important is making sure that I’m healthy enough to live and work tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day after that. Wake up each day, do all that you can, and go to sleep at night knowing that you did all that you could. And on that – allow yourself some time to watch a trashy tv show with your boyfriend and eat Thai food and cuddle your cats, because that’s what really matters, after all.


Some random things my cats have taught me. 


Okay, so now for some October goals:

  1. I think this month I want to get a little more creative with my photography. I’m launching Grey Photography & Design soon, and before then I really want to get a grasp on my creativity. I want to teach myself different editing styles, and play with light and texture a little more. Make sure to follow along on instagram to see what I come up with!
  2. Harry and I are such Harry Potter fans [as you can probably tell by the playlist I shared above], so our Halloween ritual always involves watching all of the HP films again. We do this during Halloween AND Christmas because the films are just the absolute perfect cosy watch for the festive months, wouldn’t you agree? Aside from a HP marathon, I really want to branch out and watch some more traditional Halloween films. I’m kinda ashamed to say I’ve never watched Hocus Pocus, so that one is definitely on the list! If you have any spooky film recommendations, make sure to leave them in the comments below!
  3. Finally, I’d love to do some more Halloween baking this month. Last month was kind of sparse in the pumpkin-related-treats department, but I’m in the mood to make a mess. My last creation went down an absolute treat [vegan whipped cream, anyone?!] so I’m feeling positive kitchen vibes this October. I’ll keep you updated on my baking progress over on instagram, and I might even pop a recipe or two up on the blog – keep your eyes peeled!


Now, for the best part! I want you to tell me your goals for October in the comments below. Also – let’s chat about career changes and goals – are you looking to make a change with your work? What are your plans for the future?

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