Let's Chat: Character Flaws | A Girl & Grey | @agirlandgrey

I think we all know by now that instagram portrays the ultimate narrative of perfection. 

We see women with pore-less skin and cellulite free hourglass figures, and while most of us know that the online depiction of these people is never accurate, there’s always that niggling feeling of not being *enough*.

It’s so easy to preach that nobody looks like they do on instagram, but going further than that, something that’s become blatantly obvious to me lately is that we are all so unbelievably flawed. Physically, sure. But we’re also flawed personally and mentally. We all have flaws that reflect within our character and within the way we interact with others and with the world.

You needn’t feel bad about the fact that you’re a little forgetful, or perhaps a little too competitive, or even overdramatic. I know I have all of those flaws within me, and they come to light at different times in my life. 

But I do think my biggest character flaw is that I’m a little judgemental – but not in the way you’re thinking. I judge people in the way that I assume very easily – I’m very quick to make assumptions when I actually have zero idea what I’m talking about. 

It’s mostly innocent – in that I overanalyse every situation and create little stories within my head that I soon find out aren’t true – but it is something that I’m a little embarrassed about. I feel shameful when I realise my assumptions were wrong, and I feel very judgemental and rude. 

While it is something I am actively trying to improve, I think it’s important to remember that you’re meant to be flawed. *Perfection* is entirely subjective, and if you were to fix one thing about yourself, you’re always going to find five other things you want to change. I think true happiness comes from being content with who you are, while at the same time always trying to improve and be a better human. 

But forget trying to change. You should never change who you are because you feel pressured to. I truly believe that people should only change who they are if they are hurting themselves or the people around them. 

Otherwise – embrace those flaws! I know my assumptions often leave me feeling a bit stupid, but there have been times where my assumptions were dead on, and that always makes me feel a little less mental.

So, if you’re a little competitive in your next game of Monopoly, don’t stress! I won’t judge you. Remember, nobody likes to lose – especially not to their five year old cousins.


Now – onto you. What are your character flaws?