Kitchen Essentials For Millennials

Kitchen Essentials For Millennials

I moved out of home when I was nineteen to go to university, and I’ve lived either independently or with Harry since then. It’s been almost seven years, and over that time I’ve learnt so much about living away from home and being an adult.

When I first ventured out on my own, I would eat tinned soup for dinner and porridge for breakfast every single day [because our campus apartment didn’t have an oven and I only owned one saucepan lol] – but since then I’ve learnt my way around the kitchen to the point that I would say I’m almost completely comfortable cooking any sort of dish.

I’ve taught myself how to use a gas stovetop [which used to be a huge fear of mine – I’m terrified of open flames], how to make a mean roux, and how to make a chicken and mushroom pie from scratch – dough and all. I’ve also mastered the flourless cake and can whip up 95% of our weekly meals sans recipe.

Over that time, I’ve spent a lot of money on kitchen utensils, and I’ve also binned/donated about 75% of them. I now know which gadgets are necessary, and which aren’t, and I’d like to think I’m an expert on kitchen essentials.

I know a lot of my friends and other people my age that are lightyears ahead of me in terms kitchen-skills, but then I know others that store tea towels in their ovens and utilise UberEats almost every night.

This post is for the latter of the bunch, that might want to start equipping themselves with the right tools needed to make delicious food for their friends, families, and most importantly, for themselves.

It’s also for those of you who eat the same thing every night and don’t know how to branch out, or really, where to even begin. Maybe purchasing some new kitchen bits will inspire the chef in you and get you whipping up magic in the kitchen every night? I’d like to think my glow up from tinned soup to homemade California burritos inspires even the most amateur of cooks. I know it inspires me!

Kitchen Essentials For Millennials | @agirlandgrey

Kitchen Essentials For Millennials | @agirlandgrey
Kitchen Essentials For Millennials | @agirlandgrey

Here are the things you’ll need for the perfectly equipped millennial kitchen:


A good blender

Something that every millennial kitchen needs is a good blender. We use ours multiple times a day, which means that they’re something you shouldn’t cheap out on. Whether it’s fresh juice [like my winter health tonic], a smoothie bowl or a creamy blender sauce, you really can’t go wrong with a good quality blender in your kitchen.


A medium-sized frying pan

For frying eggs, sautéing vegetables and making fritters, a medium-sized frying pan should do the trick.


A sandwich press

We bought a really cheap sandwich press a couple of years ago and tossed it almost immediately, but then found we were missing the convenience and deliciousness of a tomato and cheese toastie. I’ve seen people cook bacon and eggs in sandwich presses, but we mainly use ours for toasted wraps, quesadillas and toasties [like this green goddess toastie!].


A kettle

Whether it’s stovetop or electric – every household needs a kettle. We use ours for the obvious things, like boiling water for tea and coffee and for filling up the hot water bottle, but it also gets a workout whenever we’re making pasta – just use boiling water from the kettle to speed up the cooking process!


A good quality knife

Every kitchen needs at least one solid knife. For slicing and dicing and chopping and mincing.


A set of reusable straws

Because its 2018 and are we *really* still using plastic straws? For real though, we use stainless steel straws every single day – for iced matcha, smoothies, etc, etc.


A large baking dish

There’s a lot you can do with a large baking dish. We use ours almost every day for roasting vegetables in the oven, but they’re also handy for lasagne and pasta bakes.


An immersion blender

The unsung hero of any kitchen, in my opinion, is an immersion blender. You can use them to whizz up sauces directly in the pot, make lump free pancakes and even mash potatoes! I couldn’t live without my immersion blender.


An assortment of cutlery

There’s nothing sadder than opening someones top drawer and seeing that they own three teaspoons. Cutlery is cheap, y’all – buy some!


A reusable coffee cup

Aaaand here I go again with being obnoxious – but come on guys! It’s so easy to throw a reusable coffee cup in your bag before you leave the house. You’ll save money on your caffeine fix and save the environment, too.


A French/Dutch oven

Okay, this is a little boujee, I admit – but hear me out. Most French/Dutch ovens have a lifetime warranty, which means you’ll only need to make the investment once in your life. And what do you get out of it? Fuss free soups, stocks and curries, as well as more flavourful roasts and stews. It’s a worthy investment, in my eyes.


A medium-sized sauce pan

For cooking pasta, making sauce and even risotto.


A rice cooker

I hate cooking rice, quinoa and beans on the stovetop – it’s way too much maintenance. Our rice cooker definitely gets a workout, and I love how easy it is to clean!


A chopping board

If you buy a nice timber chopping board [and take care of it] you can use it to prepare food, rest hot dishes on and even as a cheeseboard! I’m all for versatile kitchenware.


A microplane

For grating cheese and chocolate, and zesting lemons – of course.

Kitchen Essentials For Millennials | @agirlandgrey

I hope you guys found this post useful! I could honestly talk kitchenware all day lol it’s so fun. What are your top five kitchen essentials?


  1. August 13, 2018 / 12:08 pm

    I love this post! And you inspired me to go out and pick up some metal straws (it took me about five different stores to actually find some….). They are so nice to use! We definitely need to invest in another medium size pan. I have a smaller one and an old one, but the non-stick is wearing off :/ next investment for sure!

    Laura || xx

    • Sharni
      August 20, 2018 / 9:16 am

      Yay for metal straws! We actually bought a new non-stick pan recently and omg it’s soo good! We made pancakes on it yesterday and they were the best pancakes I’ve ever made lol. xo

  2. August 9, 2018 / 2:51 pm

    I’ve got the blender and reusable cup items checked off my list! You definitely don’t need all the fancy gadgets and stuff that looks nice but isn’t practical. I’m fussy when it comes to kettles, I test the buttons to see how flimsy they feel and also check to see whether the water window is plastic or not, I’ve heard heat and water can melt the glue around them and they can start leaking from there. Useful post 🙂

    • Sharni
      August 20, 2018 / 9:15 am

      Oooh I didn’t know that about the plastic on kettles! I love our rose gold one, but we’ve had it for like five years now, so I’m worried it’s going to give up soon haha I need to find another rose gold one that matches our vibe! xo

      • August 20, 2018 / 8:18 pm

        I haven’t personally experienced the kettle thing but when I heard about it happening it did make me think I’d never considered that before. Rose gold is so lovely!

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