Those who follow me on Instagram will know how utterly obsessed I am with Orbitkey. 

The love affair started with their famous Orbitkey Ring, followed soon after by their Orbitkey Organiser, and now we’re here: with the Orbitkey Nest.

It’s not just the fact that their team are incredibly supportive and kind, or even that the brand itself was created by two young self-starters based in Melbourne. It’s that their products are ingenious. They work. They fit into your life seamlessly, they are affordable while also feeling luxurious, and they look so damn chic.

They also fix a lot of the problems that I’ve always had with keys: they’re too noisy, I can’t easily add or remove a key from my keyring without breaking or ripping my nails, and my keys always scratch my phone/glasses/wallet in my purse. All of these problems instantly went away once I possessed an Orbitkey Organiser and an Orbitkey Ring.

I love them so much that I’ve now kitted out my entire family with them, too. My dad has weak nails like me, so the Orbitkey Ring has quite literally saved his hands from cracking and hurting, and he uses his Marine Blue Orbitkey Organiser when he goes out without his car, because he can only fit so much in his pockets. My boyfriend, nan and pop also love and use their Orbitkey products every day!

So, naturally, when the brand I love and swear by announced they were releasing a new product, I was instantly on board. Whatever Orbitkey do, they do it well, so I knew whatever it was would be an instant hit.

And… I wasn’t wrong! Last week, Orbitkey released their Orbitkey Nest on Kickstarter, and reached their $25K goal within 20 minutes! Now, they’ve made 16 times their original goal, with thousands of backers supporting the project and ordering their very own Orbitkey Nest.

So. I bet you’re wondering: what exactly is Orbitkey Nest?

Think of it as… ‘a home for your everyday essentials’.

That’s quite literally the product slogan, but it certainly fits. The Nest is a portable and customisable desk organiser with an in-built wireless charger. It’s designed to come along with you throughout your workday — as you make your way from home; to work; to the coffee shop down the street, and all the way back again. The Orbitkey team sent me a Nest to try out myself prior to launch, and I found it was exactly the thing I needed to keep my work life organised and efficient.

It charged my phone, it held my lip-balm and migraine medication, and it also had a handy slot to tuck some business cards into. I fit some pens in there, as well as my glasses and lens cleaner, and I also had some room for my earphones and Listerine tabs, as well as some notepaper for scribbling on. I love how easy it made my day, especially considering that I’m often migrating from my desk to the dining table and then also to a cafe nearby, and I need all of those things with me when I do that.

Not to mention — the design is insanely chic — coming in two colours (for now!) that will fit into any aesthetic and any lifestyle.

The Orbitkey Nest is truly the next big thing in work/life organisation, and I’m so excited to be sharing it with you here on my blog.

If you’re interested in backing Orbitkey Nest, or buying one of your own, you can find it here on Kickstarter. Make sure to follow and support Orbitkey on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and check out their entire range on their website.


I feel so lucky to be able to collaborate with such a genuine, supportive and innovative brand, and I just know their products will bring a little more organisation to your every day. Let me know if you end up ordering an Orbitkey Nest! I’d love to know which colour you choose.