Let’s be real here guys: we would all love to be a Kardashian. Filthy rich, gorGGGG as hell (the way Khloe would say it) and so business savvy that it hurts my brain.

BUT, the one thing I would love more than anything in this world is to have access to the kind of tea they drink every day. You know the one I’m talking about — the yellow drink that they’re always sipping alongside those GINORMOUS salads. KKW herself put all of our questions to bed a few years back when she shared that the drink is actually a mango iced tea, and it’s from a place called Health Nut, in LA. A little research taught me that it’s specifically the Mango Iced Greentini, and it’s made from green tea, mango and honey powder, with some cane sugar in there for good measure (and sweetness, obvi). According to the numerous reviews online, the drink itself is light, not overly sweet and RLY refreshing. Sounds amazing, right?

Now, I don’t live in LA. I don’t even live close. BUT, I know if I did, I would not wanna deal with that traffic every day just to get my fix, and because I am notttt a Kardashian, I wouldn’t even be able to have an assistant run those errands for me. It’s just not gonna happen. Like, ever.

So, I hacked the recipe. From here in Australia. Genius, right?

Turns out, my favourite tea company stocks two blends that mimic the recipe perfectly. PERFECTLY! I’m telling you — it’s light, not overly sweet, but suuuuper refreshing at the same time. I literally drink it all day, every day. I’ve never been so hydrated, tbf.

Anyway, here’s the low down on how I hacked the Kardashian iced tea at home with two blends from T2 tea, no mango syrup/weird purees involved. (Trust me, I’ve tried it with both of those, and it just ends up… chunky? Gross? Weird? All of the above, basically).

First, you’ll need to pick up the Brisbane Breakfast and Mangoes and Cream blends from T2. Brisbane Breakfast is a mango black tea, and Mangoes and Cream is a creamy mango blend that tastes like a dream. You can choose to add in some green tea leaves, too, if that’s your thing, but I find the blackberry leaves in Mangoes and Cream add enough of that flavour so that you don’t need it.

I also like to add a small amount of organic stevia to this tea before I brew it, but that’s totally up to you.

All you need to do to make the Kardashian iced tea is put equal parts Mangoes and Cream and Brisbane Breakfast in a large jug or bottle, fill that vessel with room temperature water, add the stevia or your sweetener of choice, give it a big old stir and allow it to steep overnight. I use this two litre jug because it has an infuser attachment, pours easily and fits perfectly in my fridge door, but I have also made this iced tea using a regular glass bottle and tea strainer. In terms of measurements, I follow the rule of two teaspoons per litre. Using one teaspoon of each will make a litre, but if you’re making two litres, increase that to two teaspoons of each tea. The sweetener depends on your preference, but I find half a teaspoon of stevia per litre is ideal.

Serve the tea over lots of ice, pop in a straw and enjoy! Bible, it’s so delicious.