Eco-Living Essentials

Eco-Living Essentials

Think of this post as your guide to my eco-living essentials, and while I’m not an eco-warrior by any means, I do think I am so much better at reducing my impact now than I was eight years ago. 

Let’s put this into perspective: eight years ago I was tossing my chewing gum out of the car window, drinking out of plastic water bottles and ordering a takeaway chai latte most days.

The purpose of this post is to show you that ANYONE can reduce their impact – you just need the right tools.

And so – for the sake of doing right by our little old earth – here are mine.  


Eco-Living Essentials | @agirlandgrey
Eco-Living Essentials | @agirlandgrey

First things first: stainless steel straws. We have a bunch of these in our cutlery drawer and we use them almost every day. Think about it: in America there are over 500 million straws used every day. And where do these end up? Sadly, a lot of them end up in the ocean, which contributes to marine mammal death and coral reef degradation. We know this. We all know this. But I’ll admit – I hate drinking a smoothie without a straw – so these stainless steel straws are a much better option. We use these for the breakfast smoothies, iced lattes and green juices we make at home. Just give them a really good clean after using them. You’ll never want to go back to plastic straws again. 

Up next are tea tools. I LOVE TEA. You guys know that by now, but I am aware of how wasteful it is to be tossing three, four, five tea bags in the garbage each day. That’s over 100 tea bags a month. For one person! Switching to loose leaf tea is way better for the environment, and so many brands offer a loose leaf option these days! T2, Bluebird and The Source are three places I get my loose leaf tea from, but I know that there are some grocery store brands that offer loose leaf as well. When it comes to actually brewing loose leaf, it’s important to have a tea strainer and a tea scoop in your arsenal. The tea strainer is an obvious one – who wants to be ingesting tea leaves? A tea scoop, however, is a somewhat lesser known tool that has become an essential to my tea drinking routine. It scoops out the perfect amount of tea, which not only means brewing the perfect cup, but also wasting less tea. See? Essential. 

A reusable water bottle is something else that is absolutely essential. The one I use came from The Source and is made from BPA free, double insulated stainless steel. Basically, it doesn’t leech any chemicals or bacteria into the water, and can keep liquids hot for 12 hours and cool for 24 hours. It’s also 500mL which makes it super easy to meet your hydration needs through the day. I never really use this for hot liquids, as I have a T2 flask for that, but I do use it day in and day out for water {which is why the paint is chipped a little on the lid – woops}. 

Eco-Living Essentials | @agirlandgrey
Eco-Living Essentials | @agirlandgrey
Eco-Living Essentials | @agirlandgrey

I’ve been using a bamboo toothbrush on and off for years. They’re rarely formulated by dentists, so you’ll need to consciously brush your teeth in a way that reaches every part of your mouth, but most ‘dentist approved toothbrushes’ are a considerable detriment to our environment. In Australia, over 30 million toothbrushes end up in landfill every year and very rarely are they made from degradable materials, so I would for sure say that a bamboo toothbrush is an eco-living essential. Sometimes I use my electric toothbrush, other times I use my bamboo toothbrush {mainly when I’m too lazy and just want to brush my teeth in the shower}. Not something I use every day, exactly, but also not something I think I could live without. 

Jars. Oh boy do I love me some jars. I collect mainly Ball Mason and Ecology Harvest jars {don’t ask – it’s a thing} but I’ll settle for anything that looks chic enough to gift some tea or chocolate in, as well as store all of my pantry goods in. I mainly use jars for storing dried beans, legumes, rice, fruits and tea, but I also do use my jars for serving matcha lattes, mixing up DIY beauty recipes, and transporting salads and smoothies to and from work/uni. I couldn’t live without my jars. 

Finally, my KeepCup. I actually own three of these suckers, but the grey/white/pink combo is definitely the most ‘gram friendly. I LOVE my KeepCup, and I actually use it for more than just hot liquids. It’s great for storing snacks in on long drives and protecting my phone from sand at the beach. But mainly it’s something to take to cafes and get a takeaway matcha in, or carry some variety of brewed tea in for when I need to run errands and the like. It’s definitely something I couldn’t live without, and having three means I’m never not prepared for a cuppa. 

I’d love to know, what are your eco-living essentials? Are there any other eco-friendly items you think I need?


  1. Andie
    April 12, 2018 / 8:12 am

    Such a useful post, I’m trying to be more eco but absolutely hate the paper straws so metal ones seem like such a good idea! I’ve also now got an addition to buying reusable water bottles, they’re such a cute accessory and so useful!
    Andie | apotx

    • Sharni
      April 14, 2018 / 11:29 am

      I’m so happy you found this post to be useful! Thanks for your comment Andie! xo

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