Baby It’s Not Cold Outside… How To Find Moments Of Cosy In The Australian Christmas

How To Find Moments Of Cosy In The Australian Christmas | @agirlandgrey | A Girl & Grey

Picture this: it’s thirty-five degrees outside, and even hotter inside. You’re sweating – but not in a cute, glowy sort of way. You’re really sweating. 

You step outside to try and catch a breeze and are instead greeted by the instant burn of the sun. Call it ozone depletion or call it the Australian summer – either way your skin is burning to a crisp and if you were to be thrown into an oven right this moment you probably wouldn’t notice. 

Welcome to the Australian Christmas. 

It used to really get me down that I’ve never experienced a winter Christmas. Don’t get me wrong – every December I’m wistful for snow and cosy jumpers in front of a roaring fire – but the fact that I’m not experiencing that right this second doesn’t make me completely depressed anymore. 

Sure, I would happily pack up right this moment and spend a week or two in a cold weather climate, sipping happily away on a boozy hot chocolate and eating *so much pie*, but I’m not. 

I’m spending most days of December guzzling iced tea {with extra ice} and struggling to finish a salad {why does the heat make my appetite disappear?}, and so the thought of Christmas cheer and cosiness in these moments sounds so beyond foreign to some. 

Over the past few years I’ve become so in love with the Christmas season that I’ve developed a few little tricks to make myself feel ‘cosy’, even though my environment isn’t really conducive to it. Cosy is a state of mind, after all. 

If you’re someone living in Australia that’s looking to celebrate the festive season in a new way, keep on reading to find out how I have a cosy Christmas each and every year. 

  • Take advantage of your environment. 

Something that us Australians have constant access to is the environment. The sun is out almost all year round here, which means our plants love to grow {and sometimes invade our space}! Take advantage of the greenery and grab a few clippings of random bushes around your house. You can use these clippings to make natural wreaths and ornaments, or you can even display them in cute little jars to add some festive greenery to your space. Having greenery around your house will always make you feel that much cosier, especially during the festive season. 

  • Save the festivities until it’s dark.

Most of us in Australia have the luxury of enjoying slightly cooler weather once the sun goes down for the night. Take advantage of this time! This is when it’s best to turn out all the lights and watch a Christmas film. Make sure your Christmas tree is lit up in all its glory, and don’t be afraid to light a candle or two. Saving these celebrations until it’s cool and dark outside will make them feel so much more special, and the aesthetic of the candles and fairy lights will make you feel a little more cosy while not increasing the inside temperature of your house. Taking an evening swim is also a great way to get your ocean fix without putting yourself in the way of painful sunburn! Plus – there’s usually a breeze in the later part of the afternoon which means you’ll feel instantly cooler when you leave the water. Then, you’ll actually look forward to a warm shower once you get home!

  • Focus on fresh. 

While a stodgy roast is a delicious meal to enjoy in the winter months, the Australian Christmas is all about fresh, fresh, fresh. Stock up on fresh mangoes and mint and basil and cherries. You can incorporate the mango and mint in a turkey salad and add the basil and cherries to a light pavlova for dessert. You don’t have to miss out on festive food just because it’s hot outside! Swap the steaming pile of spuds for a crunchy, leafy salad and your body temperature will thank you for it. Salad can be cosy! Especially if you eat it on the couch from a large Kardashian-sized bowl. 

  • If all else fails, use your aircon.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I use my air conditioning most days. Whether it’s early in the morning while I’m writing a blog post or late at night while I’m binge watching the Home Alone movies… Sometimes you just have to give in and utilise what you’ve got for your own sanity. Here’s a tip for anyone that has a reverse cycle air conditioner – try using the ‘dry’ setting. It’s different from the ‘cool’ mode as it doesn’t actually cool the air down, it just removes the humidity from a room. It works a treat for us because we live in a tropical climate and the humidity can make 25 degrees feel like 35. I swear it has halved our electricity bill and makes the house feel icy cold on the hottest of days!

How do you celebrate the Australian Christmas? Make sure to let me know in the comments below! 


  1. December 12, 2018 / 7:09 am

    Hahaha the last option! I love! We put the aircon on, the Christmas lights and light some candles and it is just so cosy!! Also I love these photos!

    Laura ||

    • December 21, 2018 / 11:08 am

      Yes yes yes to cosy candles and the aircon! Let’s just pretend it’s winter 🙂

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