It’s almost the most wonderful time of the year, but you wouldn’t know that if you were to stroll through your local shopping centre. There are festive garlands and gigantic Christmas trees and fairy lights strung from every nook and cranny. The shelves in shops are overflowing with red and green and gold magic, and there’s a certain kind of buzz in the air that is reserved only for the festive season. Is it just me, or is the retail side of Christmas starting a little earlier each year?

I, for one, am not complaining. I mean, I put up one of my Christmas trees mid-October (yes, that’s right, I have more than one!), and I’ve been oh-so-casually planning my 2019 Christmas decor since December 26th, 2018. To celebrate the (very!) long-awaited arrival of my favourite time of the year, I wanted to kick things off here on the blog with a post about all things advent calendars. 

You see, this year I have stepped up my advent calendar game. The team at kikki.K recently sent me one of their Reusable Advent Calendars, and I know that every year from now on, the lead up to Christmas is going to be beyond magical. 

It’s not just that the calendar is reusable, which, I’ll admit – is major in terms of sustainability and practicality. It’s also that the calendar itself automatically becomes its very own Christmas tradition, and I think that’s really special. Every October from now onward, when I pull out my Christmas decorations (there’s no such thing as *too early*, you guys), I’ll begin planning my Christmas advent calendar. What will I fill it with? Where will I hang it? Do I need to buy another one for the cats? With that being said, I can imagine that gifting someone the kikki.K Reusable Advent Calendar would be really special, as it’s one of those gifts that just keep on giving. I also love the idea of gifting it to someone at the end of November, already filled with goodies. That way, you’re gifting them the most wonderful December ever, and there truly is no gift more thoughtful than that. 

Okay, so now that you’ve got the run down on kikki.K’s Reusable Advent Calendar, it’s time for some ideas of what to actually put in the calendar. 


This is something I recommend everyone do, and up until this year, I’ve never had an organised way to do it. So, as of this year, I’m making it a *thing*. Basically, the #festiveeverydaychallenge is setting yourself one festive thing to do every day up until the 25th. I’ve always thought that December flies by way too quickly. Surely I can’t be the only one? Sometimes it feels like I blink and it’s December 26th and the magic is over, but doing a challenge like this throughout early December really helps remind me (amongst the craziness of EOY admin, last-minute gift shopping and 40 degree summer days) that it’s Christmas time and I should be celebrating!

Some #festiveeverydaychallenge ideas include: a trip to Starbucks for a festive latte, baking gingerbread men, turning your loungeroom into a Christmas wonderland (don’t forget the Instant Snow!), having a Home Alone marathon and visiting a Christmas tree farm. This year, I’ll be using my Paper Lover’s Book to write out 24 little festive challenges for myself, and slipping them into my Reusable Advent Calendar at random, alongside a little festive treat here and there. I honestly cannot wait!


kikki.K believes that everyone has the opportunity to be a giver of good, and their mission this year is to empower people to give meaningful, thoughtful gifts that help others dream, do, enjoy and share. I love this campaign so much, and that’s why I think it’s a brilliant idea to set yourself a #giverofgood challenge throughout December.

My favourite ways to give good during the festive season are: sending Christmas cards to all of my loved ones, baking sweet treats for my neighbours and clients, helping my nan (whose hands are quite painful from arthritis) with her gift wrapping, sending each of my family members a themed Christmas tree ornament at the start of December (this year it’s a woodland vibe), and encouraging meaningful conversations around the Christmas table with these Conversation Starters (I’ve been using them for the last three years and highly recommend them)! To be a #giverofgood, I’m going to slip some of the above ideas into my advent calendar throughout the month of December and spread some Christmas cheer! 


I’m sure that everyone loves a little treat throughout advent, and if that’s your vibe, you can fill the Reusable Advent Calendar with festive chocolates (I’m a Lindt lover, that’s for sure), as well as single serve sachets of your favourite coffee or tea (Starbucks have their Ready Brew coffee sticks which I love, and T2 have their festive tea packs with all of the best selling flavours this time of year). I also love the idea of popping individual shortbread or gingerbread cookies in each day leading up to the 25th, as well as a candy cane or two. 

And, finally, you can fill your advent calendar with lots of tiny little gifts! Almost every store sells little stocking stuffer items (like hand creams, lip balms and pretty pens) from November onwards, so you can grab a bunch of those and pop them in your advent calendar, alongside some cute ornaments and maybe a Starbucks gift card or two. 


I’d love to know how you’re counting down the days until Christmas, so make sure to head to this post on my Instagram and let me know. Don’t forget to be a #giverofgood this Christmas, and make sure use the hashtag #festiveeverydaychallenge if you’re going to take part!