A Creamy, Dreamy London Fog Latte

A Creamy, Dreamy London Fog Latte

As of late the blustery days have turned into even more blustery evenings, which usually means that I’m left feeling quite frazzled come 3pm. I’m not sure what it is about seasonal transitions, but they make me both happy and sad. On one hand, you’re mourning the loss of a season, while at the same time celebrating the beginning of another. Those who’ve been here before know that I’m not one for summer, and I’m much more of an autumn/winter gal, but I do appreciate how relaxed summer makes us all feel. Autumn and winter are sort of the same around here, except for the fact that they’re both generally quite busy seasons with work and study and oh-my-god-is-it-April-already, and so at times they can feel a bit hectic. 

This hecticness has meant I’m dealing with way more migraines that I’m used to, and forced to retreat to my bedroom with the blinds drawn, a litre of water and my laptop most afternoons. Five out of the last seven days have ended this way, and as a result I’ve created mini-routines that help me deal with the pain while still being able to get shit done. Peppermint oil, a heat pack on my shoulders and a cup of tea are usually the answer, but I will say that a 3-hour nap and a diet coke are equally as effective {but perhaps not as sustainable}.

Let’s get back to the tea though. In these moments of incredible pain/nausea/wanting the world to end, I’ve created the perfect afternoon treat to get me through. It’s easy enough to whip up when your eyes feel like they’re vibrating and the front of your skull feels as though it might break open. I’m sure it’s even easier when you’re in an optimum state of health and are just feeling like a fancy af cuppa {what’s that like?}.

This creamy, dreamy London fog latte has got the perfect amount of caffeine, sweetness, and some soothing florals to really calm and restore the mind and body and get you through those last couple of productive hours in the day. 

It’s also customisably vegan and v. ‘gram friendly {because that’s obviously important to us millenials}.

Would you like the recipe?

A Creamy, Dreamy London Fog Latte | www.agirlandgrey.com @agirlandgrey

A Creamy, Dreamy London Fog Latte | www.agirlandgrey.com @agirlandgrey


serves two


here’s what you’ll need:

2 tsp Earl Grey Creme Tea {this blend is an absolute essential for this recipe – it’s vanillary and floral and creamy af}

2 cups almond/oat/coconut/soy/macadamia/cows milk {I looooove oat milk right now}

1 cup boiling water

1 tsp vanilla bean powder {expensive but so worth it in flavour and depth}

optional but so good: 1 tsp of honey/maple syrup/agave/rice malt syrup/coconut sugar {honey is a beautiful sweetener for this drink – the more local the better!}

optional but so pretty: dried lavender buds, dried rose petals


here’s how you make it:

Fill up your kettle with fresh water and pop it on to boil. 

In the meantime, put the Earl Grey Creme Tea leaves into a teapot. 

Pour the freshly boiled water into the teapot and leave to steep for 5 minutes. 

While you’re waiting, grab a milk frother and froth the shit out of your milk. If you’re going with cows milk, this one is a dream to use, otherwise you can use a french press like this one for the same effect! Non-dairy milks can be a little finicky, but some elbow grease with a french press can do wonders. 

Next, put the vanilla bean powder into the frothy milk, and pump or shake a few more times to incorporate it fully. 

Then, pour your brewed tea into two mugs {I’m loving these irregular Parisian mugs at the moment} and top with the frothy, vanillary milk. 

If you’re a bit of a sweet person, now’s the time to stir in that honey {or whichever sweetener you choose}, and you can top the drink with the dried flowers now too, if you’re feeling extra. 

And yes, you can drink the flower petals too. But only if they’re organic!

A Creamy, Dreamy London Fog Latte | www.agirlandgrey.com @agirlandgrey
A Creamy, Dreamy London Fog Latte | www.agirlandgrey.com @agirlandgrey

Will you be giving this London fog latte a go?



  1. April 7, 2018 / 7:48 pm

    Oh my! This looks too pretty to drink (but also sounds like it tastes amazing!) I love a tea latte. I used to drink them all the time in South Korea but they don’t seem to have caught on over here yet.

    • April 10, 2018 / 9:39 am

      Thank you so much! It’s such a delicious treat! xo

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