The Guest Bedroom

Interiors Update: The Guest Bedroom | A Girl & Grey | @agirlandgrey

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We’ve finally finished decorating the guest bedroom after a few months of umm-ing and ahh-ing about the perfect vibe for the space.

The theme I wanted for our guest bedroom was simplicity, and I think the composition of the room embodies that to a tee. I also wanted it to look a little less uniform than I’m used to, and I achieved this by mixing pieces that don’t necessarily match.

The modernity of the black and marble bedside tables with the more traditional timber bedframe makes the room feel more inviting, while the minimal clutter and warm lighting helps to evoke a sense of cosiness.

I’ve always been drawn to the guest bedroom at Harry’s parents house, mainly for it’s beautiful colour palette, but also for its minimalism. There’s nothing in that room that doesn’t need to be there, and so I tried to incorporate that into our guest space. There are no unnecessary pillows, or books gathering dust, or tissue boxes taking up valuable real estate. It’s simply a bed, a couple of tables to place a mug of tea or a phone on, and some beautiful exposed lamps to warm the place up.

For bedding, I mixed two of my favourite textures: velvet and linen, and I utilised the natural uniqueness of both marble and timber to elevate these textures. The velvet cushion is from IKEA, and the linen quilt cover and cotton sheets are from Kmart. I think the throw is from Bed Bath N Table, but I could be wrong. It is a couple of years old now, but it truly has forever remained one of our favourites as it’s ideal for curling up under during an afternoon nap. The lamps are also from Kmart, as are the bedside tables, but the faux greenery and the vessels they are stored in came from IKEA.

In terms of a colour palette, I decided to utilise darker shades of grey as opposed to sticking with my usual white and light grey theme, because I want the room to feel cosy no matter how much sunshine is making its way through the curtains. I also think the timber mixes better with darker grey, and makes the room feel more comfortable and warm. I do think I’ll eventually hang a print in this room, but for now I like how simple, minimal and clean it feels, and I worry that hanging something on the walls will add a level of distraction in what is intended to be a silent and calm space.

We’re yet to have any guests actually stay in the room since it’s been completed, but I’ve taken to the occasional midday nap in there on days when I’m not feeling so great, and it couldn’t be any more ideal. It’s quiet, breezy, and in an area of our house that isn’t touched by the afternoon sun. Belle and Nala are also taking turns to sleep in it each night, as apparently they’re yet to figure out a way to share a queen-sized bed between the two of them without coming to blows.

Interiors Update: The Guest Bedroom | A Girl & Grey | @agirlandgrey

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This post features affiliate links. Thank you for supporting the brands that make A Girl & Grey possible. 


    • April 13, 2019 / 4:23 pm

      Aaaah thanks babe! I really wanted to make it a super clean and calm space that we could use for naps as well as for guests. It’s so much more versatile than we thought it could be. xo

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