Creating A Cosy Bedroom On A Budget

Creating A Cosy Bedroom On A Budget

There are definitely two types of people in this world when it comes to interiors: those who care and those who don’t.

I am front and centre in that first category, spending more time than I would like to admit curating the perfect home space that’s cosy yet functional and the same time.

Whether it has to do with the fact that I spend a majority of my time at home {it’s where my cats are, after all!} or if it’s related to my obsession with all things interiors, I really enjoy decorating and living in our home.

It’s recently come to my attention that there are a lot of people out there who would love to have a cosy and chic home space, but either don’t have the biggest of budgets to play around with, or don’t really know where to begin. All I can say is I can totally understand being in both of those situations. Five years ago, I knew nothing about interiors, and would spend a stupid amount of money on pillows that never matched and decor that took up too much bench space. I inwardly cringe when I think about some of the art I used to hang up on our walls.

If you are like I used to be – fear no more! I’ve learnt a few things over the years that have helped me decorate our entire space in a way that makes it feel cosy and functional, while not breaking the bank.

Let’s focus on the bedroom in this post – otherwise we’ll be here all day.

Creating a cosy bedroom on a budget | @agirlandgrey

As you can see from the images in this post and on my instagram {I photograph our bed a lot}, our bedroom vibe is bright and airy with different pops of texture. We live in what would be considered the tropics, and rarely require more than flannelette sheets and a solid blanket on top of our duvet in the winter months, so I’ve really relied on texture to give the room more oomph. It looks quite similar to the above in summer, except there are generally less pillows, the sheets are a more breathable fabric, and there are no throws in sight.

Depth is major in the bedroom as {unless you’re royal or rich} the space you’re given to play with is generally quite small. Our bed is queen sized with a thick frame, so it’s been really important to pick colours and styles that don’t make the room feel claustrophobic. Picking an almost neutral quilt/duvet cover is going to give you the depth you’re looking for while still making it easy to find affordable throw pillows and blankets to match. Also – plain quilt covers tend to be in abundance in department stores, which means you save money while still creating a luxurious living space. I cannot go past an all-white bed – something about how crisp and clean it looks just makes me want to run and jump into it. With that said, I do also change it up on occasion with a smoke grey duvet cover.

I’m such a sucker for details, and I think that’s the easiest way to describe how I decorate a room. I think focusing on a few key items and then decorating around them helps you decide on what works and what doesn’t. For example – our bedside lamps are these gorgeous exposed bulb lamps on a timber base and they throw a gorgeous, dim light around the room. They’re perfect for our bedroom because they instantly provide this sense of calm, while still being functional enough to actually be able to find our phone chargers in the middle of the night. They were the key details I kind of based the room around, along with the polka dot pillow and chunky timber bed frame.

Texture is something else that is often underplayed in the bedroom. I think texture has the ability to make or break a space, and it’s something I notice a lot of people are still struggling to master. It can be easy to focus on how patterns work together, but the key to a cosy, refined space that stays relevant is texture! As you can see below, all of my pillows are made from different materials, as is my duvet cover and throw blanket, and this not only gives the eye more to see, it provides that element of luxury we all crave. I like to keep it simple by having my base texture as linen, and then throwing in some cotton waffle, jersey flannelette and soft velvet.

And finally – colour. While it might be tempting to pick up that on-trend duvet, I really recommend steering clear of bright and bold colours. In the bedroom, it’s better to stick with a calming, neutral palette that won’t get your mind racing or anxious. Think of which colours make you feel most calm and cosy. For me, it’s a mixture of grey and white, and maybe some navy blue, blush pink or sage green. While colour therapy is still classified as a pseudoscience, I do truly believe in the way that colours make us feel and behave. I used to have this garish pink and green moroccan inspired quilt {that was ridiculously expensive} and it made our room feel… too much? It was just busy and always hot and made my mind go a little insane. Ever since we switched to white and grey the entire space just feels more calm and quiet and cosy, and all of our neutral linens come at just a fraction of the price of my previous furnishings.

So – in case this post was a little everywhere {which they usually are} – here are four major points to take away from it.

Depth is HUGE in terms of making your room feel bigger, and providing a more cosy environment to snuggle up. Stick to neutrals to make your space feel more inviting and luxe – you can’t go wrong with a white quilt set, and it’s so easy to then decorate around it.

Details are everything. Pick one or two things to base your decor around, and go from there. A funky lamp or a thick knit throw can really set the vibe of the room, if you allow them to. 

Texture is a great way to make things look more thought-out. Focusing on texture instead of pattern is an easy way to buy timeless homewares that go with everything you already have in your home, while making your space feel a bit more mature at the same time.

Colour is a great way to show your personality, but be aware of the effects some colours can have on your mood. Stick with neutrals like white and grey, and play with ‘calmer’ versions of your favourite colour – think sage green, navy blue and blush pink. That way, if you need to update your quilt cover, it’s less of a guessing game and you can go with something affordable that slots in easily with your current style.

And, if you’re still feeling a bit stuck, just throw a bunch of nice books and yummy smelling candles around and call it a day. Shop a few of my favourite bedroom related homewares below.


Following these tips will help you create a calm, cosy bedroom at home for a fraction of the price. Can you think of anything I forgot?


  1. May 28, 2018 / 2:34 pm

    YES! I love Texture! I really want to get a headboard for our bed, I feel like that will help with some of the cosiness, but we have the cosiest doona cover from Country Road at the moment. The texture of it is amazing. It’s incredible!

    Laura | xx

    • Sharni
      July 9, 2018 / 12:50 pm

      Your doona cover is EVERYTHING! I want to get myself one but I honestly own way too many covers right now haha eeeek. xo

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