A Little Bedroom Update

A Little Bedroom Update

Ever since I was little, king beds have fascinated me. I saw them in movies and magazines, always topped with luxurious white bedding and a mountain of pillows. To me, they just seemed too big, almost, and maybe a little too excessive to be something that I would ever truly need.

Well, as a now grown ass twenty-six year old woman with a penchant for things that might be deemed as a ‘little too excessive’, I’m v proud to show you our brand new king bed that we bought a couple of weeks ago.

The truth is, I’ve been having issues with insomnia and poor sleep for about six months now. It got to the point that I was averaging about three or four hours a night, at best. I normally take about an hour to fall asleep, unless I’m dead tired, and I’m very easily woken throughout the night if it’s hot (lol welcome to Queensland) or if there are any minor noises or disturbances (see: cats, Harry talking in his sleep, cars, birds, geckos chirping outside). Combine that with a boyfriend that runs a little too hot and snores for majority of the night, and also wakes up to a 5am alarm most days. Basically, I was running on empty most days and needing a nap by 11am.

After sleeping in seperate beds for almost two months, Harry and I realised that I sleep better when it feels like I’m the only one in the bed, so we decided it was time to upsize.

AND OH MY EFFING GOD can I just say that it was the best decision we’ve ever made for our relationship? I read a statistic once that if you share a regular sized bed with your partner, you’re both getting about a cot’s worth of space to sleep in each night. Isn’t that crazy?

Sleep is literally the glue that holds my life together, and now that I’m comfortable enough each night to get enough of it, we’ve noticed that I’m way less bitchy. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I still struggle with insomnia due to my anxiety, and Harry is still snoring every night, but because he’s over an arm’s length away from me, I notice it way less and am actually able to fall asleep quicker.

There’s also enough room for two cats to sleep comfortably on the bed now, which was another issue we were having. Nala is great – she usually perches in the unused space at the end of the bed or lays right next to it, but Belle loves to sleep literally on me, or right next to me, so it was almost impossible to fall asleep comfortably. Now, there’s room for an entire other person in our bed, so if Belle is being exceptionally needy, I still have room to move around without feeling the need to push Harry off the bed.

Here are some pictures of our new set up. I’ve been sharing a few snaps of it over on instagram too, so make sure to follow me if you’re into that sort of thing.

I feel SO boujee with a king bed, but I also feel very happy about the new bedroom setup. I love that Harry and I can both be comfortable every night too, and having room for both of the cats on our massive bed makes going to sleep feel all the more special. Does this mean it’s time for a third cat? HA HA.

Do you have a king bed? If not, is it something you plan on investing in one day? If you have any advice for how to style pillows on a king bed, I’d love to know. I think ours look a bit silly at the moment, but I’ve tried so many things and nothing seems to fit! A.K.A. helpppp!



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