I recently decided it was time to switch up my workspace. 

Don’t get me wrong: I loved the set up of our old home office, with two desks lining one of the walls and lots of space in the center of the room. I also liked how my desk was tucked in the corner, away from the window, so it never looked like I was home if someone came knocking (lol any other introverts out there that get front door anxiety???)

But, as I started working on my creative media business (the website of which is coming really soon, btw), I began to realise that I needed an entire space to myself. I needed more room for photoshoots and I needed more storage for my creative supplies. Cameras, tripods, photo props, backdrops, trial products, PR materials, stationery, charging cables and tax receipts take up a LOT of space, I’ve now realised. I also needed my own space because I’m very easily distracted, like – VERY easily distracted. I’m *that* co-worker that’s always looking for an excuse to skive off work for a few hours!

So, it was decided: no more sharing an office with my boyfriend, and no more constantly distracting each other.

Another reason I needed to increase my office space is because, with my creative media business, I need space to collaborate with other creatives on an as-needed basis. If there’s something I can’t do (hi, illustrations and in-depth HTML code, I’m looking right at ya), there needs to be space within my office for someone else to sit comfortably and work on a project alongside me. 

So, I got to work designing how everything would fit, and what furniture I would need, because I wanted things to feel fresh in my new home office, not recycled. I also wanted to lean into the part of myself that longs for a very industrial-chic sort of office vibe. Think monochrome + scandi. I know people say it can make a space feel cold, but I actually find it incredibly inspiring.

After about two months of trial and error, I finally have the space perfected.  It took a larger desk, better chairs, some greenery and a perfectly proportioned mirror that reflects light in such a way that the entire room feels airy and bright. It also took a little rejigging of how things are positioned, in order to make the room versatile for flatlays and lifestyle photography, alongside product photography and the like. 

Now, there’s enough room for me to work comfortably all week long, and there’s also space for another creative to come in and help out, without having to sacrifice on desk space and functionality. 

I’m lucky in that it’s a big enough space that I am able to fit everything that I need for both businesses (my blog and my creative media business) within the one storage cupboard, as well as in a few storage units that double as decor. It’s crazy to think that this little room in the front of our house used to just be a guest bedroom, and now it’s where I run my businesses from!

I hope you enjoyed this little peek into my revamped workspace. If you have any questions about where certain items featured in the above photos are from, you can always reach out via Instagram. Also, if you’ve recently updated your workspace, I’d love to see some photos. Send them to me on Instagram so I can see what your interiors style is like, too! I’m extremely nosy, if you couldn’t tell already.