From time to time, you will see products and items that have kindly been gifted to me by brands and marketing agencies. There will never be a time that you will see a product featured on A Girl & Grey that I would not go and purchase with my own money. If I am sent a product that I do not like [which happens!], there is no obligation for me to write about or feature that product. My readers are my friends, and I would never want to lie to or deceive you in any way.

All posts featuring press samples will be marked with a disclaimer. This disclaimer will appear at the end of each blog post, and is intended to remind you that I do not purchase all products featured with my own money. The above disclaimer still remains true, however, and I have never and will never feature a product on this site that I would not purchase with my own money. These changes have simply been made in an effort to become completely transparent in relation to all PR related matters.


A Girl & Grey sometimes features written and visual content that is sponsored by a third party. These posts always have have and always will be disclosed as such. Each of these posts will feature their own disclaimer at the end, notifying the reader that the content was created in collaboration with a brand, company or individual.

All sponsored blog content will feature a disclaimer at the end of each post, in an effort to maintain complete transparency with A Girl & Grey readers. Your trust and confidence in A Girl & Grey remains my number one priority.


A Girl & Grey is partnered with a few different affiliate marketing companies, namely ShopStyle, Skimlinks and RewardStyle. Affiliate marketing works through the linking of products. You might notice that I sometimes link products in my blog posts, or share shoppable widgets in certain areas of my blog. Both of these forms of content are what is known as affiliate links, which basically means that if you purchase one of the items featured using the link I provide, I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Everything linked from this site and my instagram is something that I genuinely love. Most times, I link the very things that I’m using right now – from lipsticks to retinols and notebooks – but I sometimes add items that are on my wishlist [a.k.a. the things I would buy if I won the lottery lol].

All blog posts that feature affiliate links will feature a disclaimer at the end of each post, in an effort to maintain complete transparency with A Girl & Grey readers. I have never and will never link any item that I do not have a genuine interest in, and 75% of the affiliate links shared on this site feature products that currently sit on my desk, in my bathroom cupboards and inside my wardrobe.


As Instagram is a predominantly visual platform, a lot of the content I share on it features press samples and sponsored, paid for content. Sponsored posts have always and will always declare they are as such, with the use of ‘ad’ at the beginning of the caption.

If you have any questions about any of the above, please don’t hesitate to email me. Honesty and transparency have always been my number one priority as a content creator and consumer, which is why I am continually making updates to the site and my social channels to maintain your trust, and most importantly, to align with influencer laws and ethics as they appear.