Nicknames: Na-na, na-na bear, na-ny, loola (I honestly dunno why lol).

Favourite foods: shredded chicken, Ziwi Peak venison wet food, Black Hawk chicken and turkey grain free biscuits, chicken or catnip Greenies, Applaws chicken puree sticks.

Favourite pastimes: napping underneath the spare bed, sitting at the side window and watching the neighbourhood cats, chasing leaves.

Favourite toys: dry crunchy leaves, scrunched up paper balls, pom poms and fruit toys.

Quirks: makes a funny whirring sound if you interrupt her napping, is terrified of my DSLR, always lets Belle finish her food.

Achievements in the last year: has started sleeping in bed with us on the odd occasion, is really good at getting brushed and having her teeth cleaned, always cleans her paws extremely well before leaving the litter box.

Fun facts: we only just discovered that Nala has a fish and duck allergy in the last 6 months, so she is on a primarily chicken-based diet, with rabbit, lamb, kangaroo, venison and turkey thrown in wherever possible.