Nicknames: Smell, mell, mella, belly.

Favourite foods: tuna loin, Ziwi Peak rabbit and lamb wet food, Ivory Coat chicken and kangaroo grain free biscuits, Healthy Everyday Pets dried kangaroo liver, chicken or catnip Greenies, Applaws chicken puree sticks.

Favourite pastimes: sitting on top of the cat tree, crawling up under the doona and sleeping, stretching on my laptop keyboard, crying for food when she’s just been fed.

Favourite toys: string on a stick, catnip fish toys, IKEA rat toys and the cat tunnel.

Quirks: will cry for hours until you feed her biscuits and then will only eat 5. She’ll also make herself vomit if you don’t feed her as soon as you wake up. She comes when she is called — every time. Is super savage when it comes to play time lol we call it ‘murder games’.

Achievements in the last year: has dealt well with having to go and have her acne treated at the vet twice(!!) in the past 12 months. Belle also went and had a lion shave and misbehaved so much that I had to come out back and hold her while they shaved her. The vet said at our last appointment that she has really good teeth for her age. 

Fun facts: we think Belle has a slight fish allergy too, which causes her acne, so she’s only fed tuna (her fav!) once a year on her birthday. She also has a special tube of acne cream that we put on her whenever she’s having a breakout lol it’s pretty cute.