My cats feature fairly prominently on my social media, especially my Instagram, and I get so many messages and comments every single day about how cute they are and how much you all love them.

But over the past almost 9 years, I’ve learnt a lot about owning a cat [or two] and so I thought I would share this wisdom with you all.

Hopefully those of you who have cats will nod along in agreement, and those of you who are thinking of getting a cat will go into the decision with a bit more information under your belt.

Here are some things to know about owning a cat.

You will never go to the bathroom alone again.

Ever. I’ve taken to leaving the door open, or at least slightly ajar, otherwise Belle just scratches at the handle and slides her little paws under the door. We have three bathrooms, and so I normally just use the ensuite attached to our bedroom, but it’s still kinda annoying, not gonna lie. What’s privacy?!

Cats crave routine. 

A lot of people aren’t aware of this, but cats are creatures of habit. They really like things to stay the same, and if things change up too quickly or too often, they do suffer from stress and anxiety. Case in point: we used to have a bedside table stored in a wardrobe in our last house, and Nala had taken to sleeping on it every. single. day. Well, it came to be reaaaally annoying, so we got rid of it one day while Nala was asleep on the couch. That night, she went into the wardrobe to get back on the bedside table and, upon noticing it was gone, went into full breakdown. She was pacing back and forth and was acting like maybe it was there but it was just invisible. It was the most peculiar thing, and now we’ve learnt that Belle and Nala actually have to see things changing to be semi-okay with it. It’s still not preferred, so maybe chill on rearranging your furniture every second day. The same goes with eating times, which is an actual pain.

Hairballs are more than just gross.

Everyone knows hairballs are disgusting, like beyond disgusting, but they’re actually super important. Cats should be able to pass the fur they lick off themselves through their digestive tract, but most times they cannot, and this is when they start to bring up hairballs. Well formed hairballs are ideal, but if you have a long-haired cat like Belle, you might find they struggle to pass their fur safely. We recently had Belle in the vet for two days with a huge build up of fur in her stomach which she wasn’t able to bring up or pass, so we decided to shave her. Some people disagree with having cats shaved, but as Belle is getting older, she really struggles to keep up with grooming herself, and she just can’t digest the fur, so it was the best thing we could possibly do for her. Keep an eye on your cat and monitor how they shed and pass their fur. High fibre diets are great for super fluffy cats.

On food…

Belle and Nala eat 90% grain free. Biologically, cats are carnivores. In the wild, they survive entirely off of raw and fresh meat. I’m not to the level of a raw diet with my cats, as I’m a bit concerned about bacteria and worms, but I do actively avoid feeding them food that contains grains like wheat, rice and corn. I also feed them 75% wet food, as dry food diets have been proven to cause kidney failure in cats. I’m a major fan of Wellness Grain Free Dry Food and Wellness Wet Food, Weruva Cats In The Kitchen Wet Food, Fussy Cat Grain Free Dry Food, Applaws Grain Free Dry Food, Canidae Wet Food and Science Diet Digestive Prescription Wet Food [for Belle]. You’ll notice that I feed my cats a variety of food. I always make sure they’re getting a variety to ensure all of their vitamin and mineral needs are met, and I do feed them treats every second day or so, just to keep things fun.

9 Things To Know About Owning A Cat [Or Two] - A GIRL & GREY

9 Things To Know About Owning A Cat [Or Two] - A GIRL & GREY

Cats don’t meow to communicate with each other.

Those 5am yowls are just for you, babe. No, but really, cats only meow to communicate with their humans, which is kind of cute. Beyond that, they’ve also got specific meows to communicate exactly what they want, and they meow differently for each human. Belle has a specific meow that she does around 4:30pm each day, and it’s for food. She also yowls if we she’s not sure we’re home. Nala cries like a baby every morning at around 7am for biscuits, and she also chirps if you scratch her back.

Water is major.

Cats have a super low thirst drive, meaning they would happily go three days without drinking water. Belle is funny with water, where Nala drinks it like a fish. Belle’s lack of water appetite means I need to get crafty to ensure she’s hydrated. If you don’t stay up to date with hydrating your cat, it puts serious strain on their kidneys, which is another reason that a dry food only diet isn’t great. I’m a fan of putting a tablespoon of tuna juice into half a cup of water and then placing that into a small bowl for her to lap up, and I also add one tablespoon or so of water to her wet food every day. Keeping a full and clean bowl of water out at all times is also essential.

Cattitude is a real thing.

Laying across your open laptop, stealing your pens, sitting on your head, and chewing your paper. Cats are notorious assholes. It’s just a thing you have to get used to. Belle is definitely the biggest bitch in our house, but Nala has been known to chew cords, paper, books, and bed frames. I usually find distracting them from destructive/negative behaviour with toys works a treat. Clapping is also fab.

You should be practicing self-care on your cat. 

It’s so important to brush their coat, clean their eyes and ears, brush their teeth and monitor their trips to the litter box. It’s the easiest way to keep track of their health, check for ticks, and keep them healthy. I also provide lots of hiding places for Belle and Nala should they feel scared of visitors, storms or the postman, and I pat them until I hear a rolling purr multiple times a day. Keeping them happy will ensure they are living their best possible life.

Boxes are everything.

Seriously – don’t waste your money on expensive, flimsy toys. Cats love boxes. They play in them, sleep in them and scratch in them. Belle and Nala are the happiest cats after I get a delivery, because I usually pop the box [staples and tape removed] on the kitchen floor so they can play with it for a day or so. It’ll make a hell of a mess, but at least it will stop them from sleeping on your laptop and putting their paws in your mashed potato.

9 Things To Know About Owning A Cat [Or Two] - A GIRL & GREY

I hope you guys learnt a thing or two about owning a cat! Tell me about your pets in the comments below.


  1. January 3, 2018 / 3:18 am

    Aw I love this and your cats really are so gorgeous! I totally think you did the right thing shaving Belle, I’m all for making my cats lives as easy and enjoyable for them as possible – that rolling purr is the best sound!
    Amy xx

    • April 13, 2019 / 5:53 pm

      Amy I’ve only just seen this comment, I’m so sorry! Thank you for leaving it though – well over a year ago haha. But yes, the rolling purr is like music to my ears! It’s so calming, too!

  2. becky
    November 16, 2017 / 6:19 am

    it’s such a bummer that my bf is allergic to cats, lol. i actually wouldn’t mind my (maybe, future) cat coming along with me to the washroom, i’m literally afraid of everything so it’d be nice to have a companion at night LOL

    i have a couple feral cats in my neighborhood and they definitely don’t meow that much to each other – tbh i don’t think i’ve ever heard them casually meow at all. though, sometimes they get into fights and that’s when the aggressive meowing happens.

    becky @ star violet

    • November 16, 2017 / 8:09 am

      Yeah I actually don’t mind it when I’m home alone as it’s good to have company. The worst bit is where they just start staring off into the distance as if they see something but there’s nothing there. It terrifies me and makes me think of ghosts hahaha eeeek xo

  3. November 15, 2017 / 5:11 pm

    Awhh I really love this post!!! You’ve officially won my heart 🤣🤣 my cats make me so happy even though they get so annoying sometimes haha.
    Ljoy x

    • November 15, 2017 / 11:27 pm

      We have been thinking of taking a cat with my spouse (though he’s more dog person but he started to warm up to cats cause I’ve been talking about cats and we’ve watched videos together). I think cats are for example cleaner than dogs (specially in the city life when they’re not outside) and easier to take care but you gave good points to think about in this post. Not sure if my spouse can handle with all these things. He like to keep everything in the order and are so hygienic too. I think I could live with these things. Cats gives anyway so much love to you! I know, cause I have spent a lot of time with cats.

      • November 16, 2017 / 8:08 am

        Cats are such clean animals – I’ve always wanted a dog but whenever I really spend time around them I get so grossed out because they smell and roll around in the dirt. Cats are a brilliant pet to have if you’re after a quiet, clean companion that sometimes gets hyperactive and plays with your shoelaces 🙂 xo

    • November 16, 2017 / 8:07 am

      They are such mischief makers but also beyond adorable so it’s forgivable. xo