A Few Of Belle & Nala’s Favourite Things

A Few Of Belle & Nala’s Favourite Things

When was the last time you read a blog post dedicated entirely to a cats favourite things? Well, to be clear, this post is about two cats favourite things, and those two cats happen to be my little fluff balls, Belle and Nala. 

Belle and Nala have been known to enjoy the finer things in life. They love fresh wild salmon, organic grain-free treats and one particularly expensive cardigan that I cannot wear without them trying to climb inside of the sleeves for a nap… When it comes to their favourite things, they’re nothing if not assured.

Ever the consumer, I’ve loved seeing stores fill their shelves with more and more items that I just know both of my cats will love. I remember ten years ago when pet beds (that actually look nice) were a rare commodity, as were healthier food options if you’re not into the whole commercial pet food thing. 

Below are a few of Belle and Nala’s favourite things, from the New Zealand made grain-free wet food that they go crazy for, to the cardboard scratching house they fight over every day.

Petface Tropical Fruit Cat Toys
Petface Mixed Veg Cat Toys
Petface Chili & Banana Cat Toys
Foldable Pet Carrier
Cardboard Cat Scratcher House
Faux Fur Pet Bed
Chicken & Tuna Temptations
Tuna Greenies
Salmon Greenies
Chicken Greenies
Black Hawk Grain Free Duck & Fish Dry Food
Black Hawk Grain Free Chicken & Turkey Dry Food
Stainless Steel Cat Bowl
Feliway Spray 60mL
ZiwiPeak Rabbit & Lamb Wet Food
ZiwiPeak Venison Wet Food
ZiwiPeak Mackerel & Lamb Wet Food
ZiwiPeak Lamb Wet Food
ZiwiPeak Beef Wet Food
ZiwiPeak Free Range Chicken Wet Food

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    • Sharni
      May 24, 2019 / 10:01 am

      Aren’t they so sweet? I think I love them more than Belle and Nala do, to be honest haha xx

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