6 Things My Cats Have Taught Me

6 Things My Cats Have Taught Me - A Girl & Grey

6 Things My Cats Have Taught Me - A Girl & Grey

I saw Rebecca’s 6 Things My Dogs Have Taught Me post a while back, and instantly fell in love with the idea. We spend so much time with our pets, and as much as we try to teach them things like good stranger and bad stranger, and how to drink from their bowls without spilling water all over the floor, there’s so much that we in turn can learn from our pets.

I’ve been a cat-mum for almost ten years now and in that time I’ve learnt so many things about pets of the feline variety, and also about my cats in general. There’s nobody in this world that loves them like I do, and so I think I might be the perfect person to share some of their wisest traits and oddities with you all.

As Rebecca said, who needs a life coach when you have dogs cats?

6 Things My Cats Have Taught Me - A Girl & Grey
6 Things My Cats Have Taught Me - A Girl & Grey


But really, they are. 2am snuggles, chin scratches and the joy of a free cardboard box from the bottle shop – Belle and Nala are the happiest when we’re doing things that cost absolutely nothing.


And oh my god don’t they know it? My cats are sun-chasers, even though we live in a place where it’s nearly summer year round. As the sun moves through the sky, Belle and Nala move from window to window to try and soak up whatever they can – so much so that I’ve had to buy cat sunscreen for the tiny white tip on Belle’s right ear. Skin cancer affects pets too!


Cats are known for being curious, but there’s almost nothing that doesn’t fascinate my cats. The sound of whistling, the vibration of a truck passing by and the feeling of a wind gust – Belle and Nala are always searching for new things to investigate and understand. If I bring home flowers from the market, you can guarantee they’ll both put their faces right into each flower bud and take a great big sniff.


We’re really lucky in that we have huge floor to ceiling windows in every room of our house. Both cats spend their days watching leaves fly past the window while listening to birds chirping in nearby trees. I’ve never seen a creature get more excited than Nala does at the sight of a crinkly brown leaf. They also love watching bees and bugs make their way around the garden, and don’t even get me started on lizards. We have a little family of lizards that live in a timber planter box outside our dining room window, and Belle spends all day there watching the lizards run about. They never seem to tire of the goings on of the world outside.


Seriously – don’t. In our house, if Belle and Nala don’t get their dinner on time, it’s guaranteed that your feet will get nibbled constantly until you dish up. Alongside some almost-painful meows, just to make you feel extra guilty – of course.


Because it kind of is, right? Aside from back door guard duty [a.k.a. let me try and run out every time you need to put something in the bin or hang out laundry], sleep is the number one thing my cats take seriously. I’m often posting cute ‘CAT CAM’ videos of Belle and Nala sleeping like their life depends on it over on my instagram stories if you want to follow along. I’m sure they’d appreciate your viewership, lol.

What are some things your pets have taught you?


  1. Sasha
    September 26, 2018 / 2:23 pm

    My favourite posts of yours are hands down your cats!
    I am honestly content with being home alone with just my black rescue cat, the slightly skiddish but quirky Maggie, I think the world has gotten a little too bestotlled with dogs, leaving cats without the recognition they deserve. Their purrs alone have legit healing powers! Not to mention the mental health benefits. Love to see more posts about Bells and Nala ❤️

    • Sharni
      April 13, 2019 / 5:49 pm

      Sasha I’m so sorry for my embarrassingly late reply, but I’ve noted that your fave posts are cat related. I promise to write some more soon!

  2. September 20, 2018 / 8:11 pm

    Ohhh, I love this. It feels a bit like “how to live like your cat” from Stephane Garnier – but a lot more compressed and I very much approve of the pics of your incredibly cute cats!!

    • Sharni
      April 13, 2019 / 5:48 pm

      I’ve never read that book, I’ll have to pick it up! xo

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