Three DIY Beauty Recipes For When Your Bank Account Is Looking A Little Scary

Three DIY Beauty Recipes For When Your Bank Account Is Looking A Little Scary

While it might be better to pretend the opposite is true, I’ll be the first to admit that I can’t afford luxury skincare… like, ever.

I mean, I do treat myself to a little Sunday Riley here and there {after saving up for a few months}, and yeah, on occasion I have enough money laying around to grab a few bits from Mecca/Sephora, but in general I try to stick to spending as little as possible on products. I’ve got student debts to pay off, a future to save for, and about a billion other expenses that take priority.

But being 25 and using instagram regularly exposes me to SO MANY incredible sounding products with gorgeous ingredients that I just can’t help but pine over.

So, in the interests of being kind to myself, I spend a few minutes reading reviews of said products, and then I add them to my bookmarks tab labelled ‘to buy’, and that’s where they stay… for the next five years {or until I build up my savings account enough that purchasing a $250 face mask won’t make me cry}.

With that said, I refuse to settle for supermarket skincare, and so when I do spend on skincare/beauty products, I try to spend wisely.

Apart from that, I really like to DIY my skincare regime, especially when things are a little tight and I just cannot see myself parting with $50 to buy a product that literally just scrubs the dead skin from my lips…

Here are three of my go-to beauty recipes for when my bank account is looking a little scary. I hope this helps some of you maintain gorg, glowing skin without breaking the bank {or your soul}. I think you’ll be surprised by how effective these combinations are, and as they’re homemade, you can rest assured knowing they are 100% natural, paraben free, chemical free, cruelty free, etc etc etc. 

3 DIY Beauty Recipes For When Your Bank Account Is Looking A Little Scary | @agirlandgrey
3 DIY Beauty Recipes For When Your Bank Account Is Looking A Little Scary | @agirlandgrey
3 DIY Beauty Recipes For When Your Bank Account Is Looking A Little Scary | @agirlandgrey

This one is fab if you’ve got inflamed or irritated skin. It’s also great for acne and any open wounds. Simply mix one part rolled oats, two parts manuka honey and one part dried chamomile flowers together in a bowl and apply to the face. I’d recommend laying down for 15-20 minutes and letting the mask do its magic before rinsing it off with warm water. 


I love this scrub so much! I’ve spent a stupid amount of money on lip scrubs before but all they really are is sugar and fragrance. Simply mix one part vanilla bean powder to three parts almond oil and two parts raw sugar and apply to the lips. Gently rub the scrub around your lips in a circular motion for a few minutes, and then either lick or rinse off. I love using this before wearing lipstick or any colour heavy lip products – it just makes the application a dream and the staying power second to none.


Everyone needs a toner, and this one might just be the best I’ve ever used. It’s ideal for gently cleansing and purifying the skin after you’ve showered, and also the perfect spot treatment if your skin is looking especially angry. Combine one part rose petals to one part rose water and two parts freshly brewed green tea. Allow to cool for 15 minutes and then use a cotton pad to apply to your face. If you’re dealing with large pores, you could also add in one part witch hazel or dried lavender.


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