The Easter Tea Edit

The Easter Tea Edit

Today’s post is a little different to my usual, but on a topic I love to write about! There are so many great Easter teas out this year, so I thought I would combine them all into one blog post. There’s an Easter themed tea out there for everybody, I believe, and they also make great gifts for yourself or for your loved ones… or maybe even both? Did I mention that they contain little to no calories or sugar? It’s a total win-win.

I’ve been drinking most of these teas at least once daily, and am really enjoying getting festive with my morning/mid-morning/midday/mid-afternoon/evening brew!

The first Easter tea I’ve been sipping lately is the Carrot Cake Tea by Bluebird Tea Co. It’s warm and slightly spicy and there’s a little something extra to the blend which adds the most unique flavour! If you look at the leaves themselves they’ve got actual pieces of dried carrot in them – a detail which I’m completely obsessed with. I’ve never tried a carrot cake flavoured tea and I believe this is the first year Bluebird has created such a blend! I sure am glad they did because I absolutely adore this tea, especially brewed slightly stronger than normal with a dash of milk. I’m sure a little bit of honey would make this tea taste even more divine!

Baxter’s Buns from T2 is an old classic, at least to me. I first tried this tea in Brisbane last Easter and fell in love, but stupidly didn’t buy myself a box? I wasn’t making that mistake this year, so I bought a box as soon as it appeared online! It tastes almost exactly like hot cross buns – slightly buttery and super warming. I drink it the same way I drink all black tea – strong, with a dash of milk.

Another Bluebird Tea Co. Easter blend I’ve been reaching for is Easter Egg Nests. I’ve never made or tasted proper Easter egg nests (I think they’re quite a British thing) but this tea tastes so divine – it’s all chocolatey and coconutty and marshmallowy – if those are even words. You can buy these tea bags in a packet of their own, or in the little carrot shown in the above picture. I think the carrot would make the perfect gift for someone – it’s beyond adorable! This tea has actually made me want to give the edible Easter egg nests a go – so keep an eye out on my Instagram for a picture of those bad boys!

Baxter’s Choc Buns is another Easter themed tea from T2, and it’s quite possibly my favourite of the bunch! It tastes just like the chocolate chip hot cross buns you get from Coles, and it is the cure all for a mid-morning sweet tooth! I bought a box of this only a couple of weeks ago and it’s almost all gone – that’s how good it is!

The final Easter tea I’ve been sipping lately is the Hot Cross Bun blend by Bluebird Tea Co. This tastes a little fruitier than the T2 version, but even more buttery! It’s the ideal breakfast blend and accompanies a warm and buttery slab of toast perfectly.

Let me know in the comments below if you’ve tried any of the tea blends mentioned above. I would especially love it if you were able to enlighten me on any other tea companies that create seasonal flavours or even ones that just taste amazing. I’m always on the lookout for new teas to try!

Oh, and if you’re looking to buy any of the Bluebird Tea Co. Easter products – follow this link to shop their entire range (gifts and all)! Make sure to use my discount code for your first purchase to get 20% off your order!



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