5 Teas To Try

5 Teas To Try

One of the things I love most in life is tea, but you guys know this already

Another thing I love most in life is finding new teas to drink. I’ll be the first to admit that my collection is a little bit insane [55 different blends of tea and counting], but I honestly don’t care. I find so much pleasure in drinking tea, and I find even more pleasure in recommending some of my current faves to you guys. 

So many of you have sent me pictures of tea you’ve bought on my recommendation, as well as DM upon DM of tea related questions. I love that I’ve become that girl in your life to chat tea with. I feel like I’ve found my purpose in life – tea lady!

This month I have 5 new recommendations for you all that are seasonal and perfect. It’s coming up on Summer in Australia right now, but I don’t care – I’ll drink hot gingerbread flavoured tea any time of the year!

5 Teas To Try - A Girl & Grey | Christmas Tea | Herbal Tea | Autumn Tea | Rooibos Tea | Breakfast Tea
5 Teas To Try - A Girl & Grey | Christmas Tea | Herbal Tea | Autumn Tea | Rooibos Tea | Breakfast Tea


T2’s Christmas Breakfast is the best purchase I’ve made this month, hands down. I picked it up at the Joy 2 The Wild James Street blogger event at the start of November and have nearly finished the entire box! It’s a gingerbread flavoured black tea that goes down perfectly at any time of the day, but I have a particular affinity for it in the early hours of the morning. I really recommend picking this tea up ASAP, as it is one of their Christmas limited edition blends. You won’t regret it. 

Next is, of course, an Autumn themed tea [I swear I have some sort of seasonal reversal disorder] by Bluebird Tea Co. You guys know I love this brand, and the Apple Strudel tea would have to be one of their best. This caffeine free blend tastes like its name, and I love to drink it at any time of the day, especially after dinner. The combination of apple, cinnamon and rooibos is just perfect and it’s a great way to enjoy a calorie free dessert.  If you want to grab it now, you can use GGTEABIRD56 for 20% off your order. [You’re welcome!] 

Sticking with the apple/cinnamon theme, I’ve also been downing cup after cup of the Twinings Camomile & Spiced Apple tea. It’s the perfect soothing blend for after dinner/before bed, and it also works really well at curbing my relentless sweet tooth. It’s basically chamomile, apple and cinnamon, but the flavour tastes so much more complex than that, and this is one of my go-to herbal teas for the festive season. Something about spiced apple just screams Christmas to me… anyone else?

Another after dinner tea I’ve been reaching for is the Madame Flavour Mint Choc Rooibos tea. It’s such a sweet blend that tastes so decadent, and I find it really gets me through any chocolate craving that might place itself in my way. I’m not usually a massive mint chocolate fan, but this tea has me addicted! I can easily drink three cups in a row and still want more. It’s also a great Christmas tea – mint chocolate, anyone?

And last but certainly not least, is the Australian Breakfast blend by Pauly & Co. I introduced you guys to this Australian brand a while back, and since then have been drinking this blend non-stop – and the jar is nowhere near empty! I love this tea any time of the day [brewed strong with a drizzle of honey] because it’s the perfect breakfast blend. It’s strong and full bodied and my perfect go-to cuppa. When anyone says ‘do you want a cuppa?’, this should be the tea they’re referring to. It’s just so unequivocally Australian and I bloody love it. 

5 Teas To Try - A Girl & Grey | Christmas Tea | Herbal Tea | Autumn Tea | Rooibos Tea | Breakfast Tea

I hope you guys found some new teas to try + buy! What tea are you drinking this month?

Sharni xo

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