Chocolate Orange Matcha Hearts featuring Bluebird Tea Co.

Chocolate Orange Matcha Hearts featuring Bluebird Tea Co.

I’m back again with another tea related recipe and this one is oh so good!!! I honestly don’t think you’re ready.

After receiving my Easter Rep Box I was so excited to get in the kitchen and make something! The only problem was I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to make… should I go for an Easter recipe involving all of the chocolate, or should I go for something more versatile year-round and maybe just that tiny bit healthy?

Well, I feel like this recipe falls in the middle of those two categories… it’s got chocolate (and lots of it), but it’s also pretty good for you too (with the help of the matcha!)

These Chocolate Orange Matcha Hearts would be the perfect gift to make for your Mum this Mother’s Day as they’re super easy (a.k.a. perfect as a last-minute gift). Alternatively, you could just make them for yourself… Harry had all but finished these within six hours of pulling them out of the fridge, so you know they’re good!

I ended up using the Orange Matcha sample from the Mix ‘n Matcha Tube in this recipe, which pairs perfectly with the dark chocolate. I’m actually sort of in love with the idea of receiving five different flavours of matcha to try – and I believe that Bluebird have 10 different types in total? Lemon Matcha, Cocoa MatchaTurmeric Matcha (my personal fav), Yerba Mate Matcha… the list goes on. I have a discount code for ALL of these blends which I will provide at the end of the blog post – so make sure to keep reading!

These chocolate hearts are made out of only THREE ingredients, and are full of antioxidants – which are amazing for anti-aging and cancer prevention. You could also consider the matcha in this recipe as your best friend when it comes to weight loss and speeding up your metabolism, as it is made from finely ground green tea leaves! I mean, you might even be able to eat these for breakfast without feeling bad? Maybe?

For this recipe you’ll need a chocolate mould, preferably heart shaped, but whatever you have/can get your hands on is fine. I’ve got a robot one at home which is actually beyond adorable, so the next time I make these they might be shaped like little baby robots.

Chocolate Orange Matcha Hearts featuring Bluebird Tea Co. - A Girl & Grey

Chocolate Orange Matcha Hearts featuring Bluebird Tea Co.


1 block of dark (75% or more) chocolate

1/2 a block of white chocolate – I used a Madagascan Vanilla Bean variety from my local supermarket which tastes divine

1/2 tsp of matcha powder – the Orange Matcha suits this recipe perfectly – like a healthier Terry’s Chocolate Orange but even creamier!


Prepare two double boilers – make sure they’re not too hot or you’ll scald the chocolate. I just use small saucepans filled half way with water and glass/stainless steel bowls. You want a moderate, steady heat for perfectly silky melted chocolate.

Slowly melt the dark chocolate in one, and the white chocolate in the other.

Once both varieties of chocolate are melted, silky and smooth, turn off the heat.

Start by spooning about 1/2 a teaspoon of the melted dark chocolate into the mould.

Put the mould into the fridge for a couple of minutes and allow the dark chocolate layer to almost set.

While you wait, mix matcha powder in with the melted white chocolate until there are no lumps and the chocolate is a greenish colour.

Pull the mould out of the fridge and add a layer of the melted white chocolate/matcha.

Repeat the fridge step, and allow this layer to almost set.

Finally, spoon the remainder of melted dark chocolate into the mould – completely filling the hole and covering the white chocolate/matcha.

Put the mould back into the fridge (repetitive much?) and allow to set for around thirty minutes.

Remove from the fridge and pop the chocolates out of the mould. I keep mine in the fridge in a small bowl after this as they tend to sweat, but they’re usually gone within the day so it’s no bother if you leave them out on the kitchen bench for people to snack on!

And you could always omit the matcha if you can’t be bothered, but I really recommend using it! It’s so good for you and tastes delicious – even my tea-hating boyfriend thinks so! If you’re wanting to buy any of the matcha range that Bluebird Tea Co. sell, then make sure to use my unique discount code for 20% off your first order!


Mix 'n Matcha - Bluebird Tea Co x A GIRL AND GREY

I like using my matcha in a number of ways – mainly in lattes and in smoothies. YUM. 

You can also use this code for their tea! I recommend Bonfire Toffee, Easter Egg Nests (BE QUICK! It’s almost sold out!) and Birthday Cake.

Will you give these chocolates a go?



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