5 Summer Teas To Try

5 Summer Teas To Try

As much as I would like to drink strong black teas year round {with a dash of almond milk plz} my body just isn’t taking it this summer. 

I started to experience an aversion to coffee a few years ago, which is around the same time I started experiencing anxiety and high levels of stress. Throughout this stage, however, I found I was still able to enjoy my favourite black teas in moderation – which made giving up coffee a piece of cake. 

And I’ve been doing that – for years now – avoiding coffee and possibly overdosing on tea {it’s just so YUM} but around Christmastime I started to experience some not so fun side effects from my morning cuppa {heavy sweating, headaches, anxiety and heart palpitations – FUN, right?!}. For a couple of weeks I just stopped drinking tea, but I began to mourn the ritual of it all – so I’ve had to dig into the rest of my stash and find some delicious alternatives. 

Don’t get me wrong – I love ALL kinds of tea {as long as it doesn’t contain jasmine} but giving up my 2-3 cups of black breakfast tea every morning was breaking my heart just a little. But, I will say that the 5 teas I’m about to share with you now have been making the whole process a lot easier.

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Each of these teas contain little to no caffeine, and are fab brewed hot or over ice. I generally have the green tea blends hot, and the fruity or herbal teas on ice, but that’s up to you.

When brewing green tea, make sure the water isn’t boiling hot otherwise you’ll burn the leaves and it won’t taste so great. I think the recommended temperature is around 70°C? Just check the instructions on the packet prior to brewing. 

5 Summer Teas To Try | www.agirlandgrey.com @agirlandgreyDozy Girl

by Bluebird Tea Co

This herbal blend is predominantly made out of lavender, chamomile and rose, but also contains lemon verbena and hibiscus, which gives it a lovely pink hue once brewed. 

Dozy Girl* is my go-to on those sticky summer evenings when its bloody hot – too hot to sleep without the A/C on – and it makes me feel more calm when I feel like my skin is crawling due to the humidity. 

I’m also one of those people that gets really stressy and panicky when I’m hot, so this tea is everything I need for our tropical weather. 

I love having this blend on ice with a few frozen berries popped in for extra zing and flavour, and sometimes I also pop some mint in there too. 

There are just so many ways to drink this tea, and that’s one of the reasons I love it so much – it’s so versatile!

You can bathe in it {literally}, use the steeped leaves for face masks and spritz it over your bedding for a cool, calm space. 

I also 100% recommend popping your used Dozy Girl* tea bags in the fridge and then placing them on your eyes in the morning. It’s the easiest + most natural way to reduce puffiness and dark circles – trust me!

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5 Summer Teas To Try | www.agirlandgrey.com @agirlandgrey

Gorgeous Geisha

by T2

This blend is a sencha green tea base flavoured with sweet strawberries and cream! 

If you’re a T2 fan, you might have tried their famous Strawberries and Cream blend. 

Basically, take that blend and add some green tea and you’ve got Gorgeous Geisha

I love this tea. It’s creamy and sweet and oh so drinkable – so much so that I drink a potful of this each time I brew it. 

I used to be addicted to green tea and could drink cup after cup, but I seem to have lost the taste for it, and so I always look for green tea blends with sweet flavours to cover up the bitterness of the leaves. 

Strawberries and cream is a pretty fab flavour to cover up that green tea taste – let me tell ya. 

Some people do drink this one cold, but I can’t handle it unless I add a sneaky teaspoon of Strawberries and Cream in as well – the green tea is just too strong for me – but when brewed hot the green tea all but disappears and it basically tastes like dessert. 

This is a must try blend if you’re looking to incorporate more green tea into your life – and summer is the perfect time to do that! 

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5 Summer Teas To Try | www.agirlandgrey.com @agirlandgrey

Mango With A Twist Of Strawberry

by Tetley

I don’t often try many new teas from the supermarket. 

I’m not really sure why – as I have nothing against grocery brands.

I guess I’m just very happy shopping for my tea online?

Anyway – I was recently in my local grocery store and was walking past the tea aisle and thought I may as well take a look. 

That’s when I saw the beautiful packaging of the Mango With A Twist of Strawberry tea by Tetley, and I knew I had to pick up a box. 

This blend is made from hibiscus, apple, rooibos, rosehip, liquorice, cinnamon, mango and strawberry, which makes it totally caffeine free {love this!} and super fruity. 

I’ve only ever drank this tea over ice, but I’m sure it’s incredible when brewed hot as well. 

I use two tea bags for every 500ml of cold water, which makes a beautiful, delicate iced tea that is perfect for hot summer days – especially alongside lunch.

It stops me reaching for the Diet Coke which is major, but it’s also perfect for entertaining. Just pop a few slices of mango, strawberry and a sprig of mint into a large pitcher jug with this iced tea for the perfect summer sip.  

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Honeydew Green5 Summer Teas To Try | www.agirlandgrey.com @agirlandgrey

by Teadrop

I’ve been drinking Honeydew Green tea for years – but my love of it is always always always reignited during the summer. 

As you can probably guess, this blend is made on a green tea base, and also contains honeydew and apricot which gives it a beautiful, unique flavour. 

Honeydew melons are my favourite summer fruit, and so it makes sense that I’m obsessed with this tea, but there is another reason, too. 

This tea holds a special place in my heart because I used to venture out in the Canberra cold to drink a pot at my favourite cafe on the weekends. 

This brew kind of ignited my love of tea, so it’s basically nostalgia in a cup.

Since then it’s become part of my Sunshine Coast life as well. 

I drink this blend by the potful, and I especially love that it can be brewed a second time for a slightly weaker – but just as delicious – sip. 

I’ve never tried this blend over ice – for the same reasons I mentioned above – but I’ve also never felt the need to ice it – Honeydew Green is perfect hot and the best way to wake up during the summer. 

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5 Summer Teas To Try | www.agirlandgrey.com @agirlandgrey


by Bluebird Tea Co

My final summer tea recommendation is another Bluebird blend, and crazily one I didn’t really like at first?

Blue Raspberry* is a green tea based blend by Bluebird Tea Co that contains blue pea flowers and raspberries. 

It’s zingy and sweet and fresh and crisp, but that’s not the best part. 

When you pour hot water over the leaves, you’ll immediately be greeted with a royal blue cup of tea. 

Magical – right? It gets better. 

If you add just one drop of lemon juice to this brew, you’ll see it turn purple immediately. 

I have no idea how it works – you’ll have to ask Krisi + Mike {the creators of Bluebird + this blend} but Blue Raspberry* is the ultimate summer tea for raspberry lovers. 

I know I said before that I don’t really like green tea over ice, and I know I said I didn’t really like it at first – but now I can’t stop drinking it – over ice, too!

I mainly drink this over ice – and I actually make up a HUGE pitcher of it with lots and lots of ice cubes and slices of lemon, and sometimes I’ll also add in some frozen raspberries for extra flavour. Mint is another fab addition, and a slice of lime is a wonderful flavour trip too. 

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*Bluebird have been lovely enough to give me a 20% off discount for my readers on any of their teas – including their matcha! I recommend Dozy Girl + Blue Raspberry {obviously}, but I also love Apple Strudel, Rhubarb and Custard, Strawberry Lemonade, Carrot Cake and Mint Choc Rooibos. The Turmeric, Ice Cream and Salted Caramel matcha powders are also beyond fab. Make sure to head over to the Bluebird Tea Co website if you’re feeling spendy!

5 Summer Teas To Try | www.agirlandgrey.com @agirlandgrey

Have you got any summer tea recommendations for me? Let me know your faves in the comments below.

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