Weekend Reading

Weekend Reading

I feel like I haven’t done a Weekend Reading post in a while, and I’m really missing it! If you’re new to A Girl & Grey, these posts are basically a round-up of online content to read over your Saturday/Sunday morning cuppa (tomato and cheese croissant optional, but heavily encouraged). 

How has your week been? Was it productive? Did you have a work project on that you’re really excited about? Let me know in the comments down below. 

I’ve had a kinda weird/stressful time lately…. Earlier in the week Belle was feeling a little off (meet Belle here) and her tummy was really swollen and painful, so I took her to the vet to get checked out and it seems that she had a build up of fur in her stomach which was causing her to bloat and be in pain. She was given some meds and sent home to rest up, and then the next day she started having a fit and choking and dripping foam from her mouth, which was terrifying to say the least. She was rushed to the vet because she wasn’t breathing and spent the day there being tested and recovering. We could find nothing wrong with Belle except for the fact that she wasn’t digesting her fur very well, and so the vet thinks that she went to vomit up a large hairball and choked on it for a few minutes. We gave her a lion shave and have been feeding her laxatives and high-fiber food hoping she’ll pass it through herself. She’s home now and a completely different cat – very loving and happy – so we really hope that’s the last of it. Fingers crossed Belle stays healthy and we don’t have to take her back to the vet any time soon!

I’d also like to take a second to thank those who reached out and checked on Belle throughout the week. I recieved at least ten DM’s a day asking about her which made my heart so happy. It’s crazy to think of the attachment we have with our online friends, and that most of it is due to things like Instagram and Twitter, but it makes me so grateful to be a part of this world, and that Belle (and Nala) play even the smallest role in your lives! You guys are the best. 

A bunch of you were loving my Halloween Inspiration post that I shared a couple of days ago, and I absolutely loved creating it. I’ve been pinning lots of Halloween-ish content on my Pinterest, as well as (WAY TOO MUCH) Christmas stuff as well. I’m planning on writing up a post sharing all the Halloween stuff I’ve bought lately, as well as a possible Halloween house tour?! I feel like that could be really fun. 

Okay, now onto some links. 

I hope these posts keep you busy this weekend! Let me know what I should have a scroll through while I eat my (two) tomato and cheese croissants. 

Sharni xo

5 thoughts on “Weekend Reading”

  • Hi Sharni,
    I love this post – it’s given me a wonderful range of reading perfect for a relaxing Saturday evening… thanks lovely! 🙂
    This is the first time I’ve heard of the ‘how long to read this’ website, it sounds like a very useful and worthwhile tool! The article on improving blog photography is very helpful too – thank you!
    You’ve also recommended some lovely blogs I hadn’t discovered yet, so I’m looking forward to following along their blogs too. Yay for new email subscriptions! (is it just me, or do you feel excited when you discover a new inspiring blog or Instagram account to follow…?)
    P.S. OMG – the Christmas LUSH range looks amazing! I have my eye on Snow Fairy bath bomb and accompanying body conditioner (to name a few…) Which are your favourites?

    Again, sorry about the rambling comment – I always write a lot! oops… 😛
    Daisy xxx

    • Thanks Daisy! Hope your weekend was fab.

      How brilliant is the How Long To Read This site?! I was telling my boyfriend about it and he was like ‘so?’ hahaha I guess you just don’t understand the excitement unless you’re a reader.

      I also get so excited when I find new blogs and IG accounts to follow!

      As for the LUSH Christmas range – the Berry Berry Christmas shower gel sounds like everything I need in my life!

      Thanks for taking the time to leave such a great comment babe!


      • Awww, thanks lovely! Same to you xxx
        Hahaha, especially with our busy everyday lives, that website is perfect for setting goals and getting a rough idea as to how long a book will take to read, and would be perfect for deciding what books to bring on a holiday – I always end up filling half my suitcase with books that I end up bringing back home without even opening the cover… oops! 😛

        Ooooh, that LUSH product sounds very nice. I may have to look into it… 😉

        Aw, your content is so inspiring Sharni, I love leaving comments every now and again to show I’ve been reading and my appreciation for your lovely blog!

        Daisy xxx

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