Vlogmas 2017: Who I’ve Been Watching

Vlogmas 2017: Who I’ve Been Watching

Waking up with chocolate and Snowball tea, spending every evening in front of the Christmas tree, and afternoons accompanied with back-to-back episodes [episodes?] of vlogmas. That’s what December usually entails for me.

There’s nothing I love more than taking a peek into other peoples lives. Not because I’m hella nosy [which I totally am], it’s more got to do with feeling reassured… Sometimes I feel like I’m the only 25 year old living through certain experiences, but watching peoples vlogs, snapchats and instagram stories really shows me that I am not alone, which is a really comforting feeling.

This December, I’ve been watching so much vlogmas that it’s all starting to blur into one, but I’ve been really enjoying it! I consider it as time to myself, as it is mostly done with a face mask on and a huge mug of tea in hand, and I could not imagine the festive season without it.

Here are alllllll of the Youtubers whose vlogmases I’ve been watching this Christmas.

VLOGMAS 2017: Who I've Been Watching| www.agirlandgrey.com @agirlandgrey

Zoe [More Zoella]

I mean, I feel like everyone on this earth watches Zoe’s vlogmas, but she’s always worth the mention. Zoe’s vlogs get better and better every year and they somehow make me feel so bloody cosy, even when it’s 35 degrees outside. I always feel happy and warm after watching one, with about a thousand things on my lust list to boot. I recommend grabbing a cuppa and some snacks before tucking in, as they’re usually at least half an hour long.

Kate [Kate La Vie]

Kate’s vlogs are some of my favourite, and I think that’s because her life is so dreamy to me. She’s got the most gorgeous apartment, a lovely husband, and two sweet kitties – so basically she’s everything I aspire to be + more! I’ve been a long-time reader of Kate’s blog, so getting that little peek into her life in the form of daily vlogs is really fascinating.

Suzie [Hello October]

Okay – let’s just say it – Suzie wins at interiors. Her Christmas tree this year is beyond perf, and I love seeing what she does in a day. I especially enjoyed watching her clear out her makeup – her collection is incredddddible.

Lydia [Lydia Elise Millen]

Lydia is that girl you’re slightly intimidated by – because she’s so gorgeous, her style is incredible, and she just exudes an air of sophistication. But then you watch her vlogs and you realise that, while she is all of those things, she’s also funny, and quirky, and silly and just a major babe really. I loved seeing her get her teeth whitened and I never knew that was how the process went. I’m booking myself in ASAP!

Niomi [Niomi Smart]

I’ve been watching Niomi’s videos for years, and her vlogmas videos are some of her best, I reckon. She’s funny and beautiful and intelligent and sweet, and I love watching her interact with her family, boyfriend and friends during December. She’s also total #goals when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, and I love how she makes healthy choices no matter the situation. Also – her chocolate cupboard is kiiiinda fab.

Victoria [In The Frow]

I’ve only recently started watching Victoria’s videos, and while I’m not alllll that into high fashion – I do find her to be really interesting. I also love watching her talk about skincare and makeup! She really seems to know her stuff.

Gabby [Gabriella Lindley]

Gabby is definitely the youtuber I can most relate to, and I think that’s why I love her so much. She eats Chinese noodles at 9:30pm and re-arranges her flat more than one should, but she’s brilliant and chatty and her edits are really, really funny. Her cat, Nellie, is also a gorg lil man, and he’s always in frame somewhere.

Tanya [Tanya Burr]

And finally, Tanya. Perhaps the youtuber whose Christmas is everything I could ever aspire mine to be, Tanya’s videos are definitely ones I can watch over and over again. I love watching her open the stack of advent calendars she’s got, as well as watch Christmas films and whip up gorgeously festive treats in the kitchen.

VLOGMAS 2017: Who I've Been Watching| www.agirlandgrey.com @agirlandgrey

Are you watching vlogmas this year? Leave me your recommendations in the comments below!

Merry Christmas!

Sharni xo



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