Gift Wrapping Ideas

Gift Wrapping Ideas

Okay, so by now you should be finished all of your Christmas shopping… right? If you’re anything like me, you would have had it finished by December 1st, but by now I think you would have at least made a dent in your list, surely.

If you’re stuck on stocking stuffers, check out this post for some ideas. 

For me – the way the present is wrapped has a huge impact on how it’s received. That extra bit of effort really does seal the deal and make the gift so so special. I wrote this post for those of you who have finished all of your Christmas shopping and are ready to get onto the best bit – the wrapping!


As our tree is quite muted, I love sticking to that colour scheme when it comes to wrapping paper. We almost always stick to plain white and brown kraft style rolls [I buy ours from IKEA] – that way we can embellish each gift with different textures, colours and styles. Don’t get me wrong though – I also love the occasional gift wrapped in gorgeous printed paper.

Gift Wrapping Ideas | @agirlandgrey

If you’re going with a super paired down look – it’s really easy to pick up a few rolls of yarn and ribbon and experiment with different ways to use them around the gift. I shop for most of my yarn at IKEA, but this Kriss Tree Ribbon also made the cut this year.

If you wanted to push that paired down look a little further you could tuck dried orange slices, cinnamon quills, or tiny ornaments [like metal stars or mini glittery baubles] attached to the yarn. I personally love using dried oranges as they smell fab.

Another simple way to jazz up neutral wrapping is with tiny gifts. Think festive soap or a pretty box of matches.

You could even pop in a festive pen or a tube of lip balm.

Gift Wrapping Ideas | @agirlandgrey
Gift Wrapping Ideas | @agirlandgrey

Another way to spice up your wrapping is by adding small edible gifts, and this is a look I particularly love. 

This year I’ve used individually wrapped tea bags from the Bluebird Tea Company and single serve portions of Walkers shortbread. Kinda like the gift of a cuppa and a biscuit, except it’s on top of your main gift. 

I think it adds such a cute touch to any Christmas gift!

You could also customise each gift by buying this Christmas Tea Selection Box from the Bluebird Tea Company and this Selection Pack from Walkers and attaching different combinations. My personal favourite would be a Gingerbread Chai tea bag and a chocolate chip biscuit. 

If you wanted to take a bit more of an eco-friendly route you could also buy a small bag of loose leaf tea and attach some home made cookies wrapped in brown paper to the gift. 

Gift Wrapping Ideas | @agirlandgrey
Gift Wrapping Ideas | @agirlandgrey

And you don’t have to follow the same style throughout as well – let’s not forget that. Each gift is obviously for different people with different tastes. I wouldn’t be attaching a tea bag to Harry’s gift, for example. If you are at all stuck, remember that chocolate is always a welcome surprise, and you can’t go wrong with a beautiful ornament or a dried orange slice. 

Gift Wrapping Ideas | @agirlandgrey

How are you wrapping your gifts this year?

Merry Christmas!


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