April Goals

April Goals

If you have been keeping up with me on Instagram so far in April, you’ll know that this time last week we moved house. Let me just say this: moving house sucks. It’s so much work!!! Seven days later and our house is almost done.

‘Almost’ as in our boxes are unpacked, but the walls are bare and we still need to buy curtains. However, after those small changes have been made, we will officially be done with moving house. I know in a week or so I’ll be ecstatic, but for now I am utterly exhausted!

Something that comes along with moving house is changing your internet connection, and as our new house is brand new and requires an NBN connection, it looks like we won’t have internet for at least another four weeks – which isn’t exactly ideal – especially as I am both a blogger AND university student!

I shouldn’t complain, because we are obviously much, much luckier than most, but it is at least slightly annoying.

I’m writing this post from my local cafe, which will basically become my office for the next month. At least they make a great hot chocolate!

I thought I would share my April Goals with you all today. I know it’s already seven days into April, but I feel like I’m always a week behind everyone else anyway! Let me know if any of these things are on your list too!

x I want to get more sleep this month. It sounds like such an odd goal, but I’ve really been slacking on my health and wellness lately, and sleep is legitimately the glue that holds my life together. I bet you can imagine how my mental health has been lately… haha. 9 hours each night, MINIMUM.

x I also want to spend more time in the kitchen this month! It’s gotten super chilly in the past few days, and I’m seriously craving a bowl of homemade chicken noodle soup. Since our life has been in boxes lately, we’ve been surviving off 2 minute noodles and Dominos, which I know is SO bad, but #movinglife! Get ready to see more recipes and food content on the blog soon!

x I’m looking to uproot my entire skincare collection in the next month. I want to stop buying so many grocery store brands and actually invest in good quality products for my skin. I’ve noticed a few fine lines are starting to settle in around my eye area, so prevention is key!

What are your goals for April?



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