13 Of My Favourite Posts From 2017

13 Of My Favourite Posts From 2017

2017 has been such a weird year – right? 

There have been so many highs but also a lot of lows, so I feel like it’s kind of neutral now? Is that a thing?

One way that 2017 has been very positive is that I really feel as though I’ve found my voice here on agirlandgrey.com [which, funnily enough, a few of you have said too]. From almost daily blogging throughout November and December, to starting my book club and writing about more personal issues, my audience has grown exponentially and, in turn, so have my confidence levels. 

Here are thirteen of my favourite blog posts from this year. I’m judging this on how much I enjoyed the writing process, how much I learnt from the creation of the content, and the feedback I got from you guys. This list is in no way chronological or in order of preference, it’s just kind of random [like my life HA]. Here goes…

My 13 Favourite Posts From 2017

1. Meet My Cats

I really loved introducing you guys to my cats this year. I didn’t really share much about Belle and Nala at the start of the year but they’ve slowly, slowly started to infiltrate all of my content – a paw here, a whisker there – which makes so much sense as my life basically revolves around them. My most popular instagram content always features my cats, so it makes sense that you guys love seeing them on here too!

2. PCOS: Something I Needed To Write

This post was the first time that I properly opened up about my experience with PCOS, which is a huge deal because nobody wants to admit that they are a balding chubby bunny. You guys seemed to love the fact that I opened up about my symptoms, and also the information that I provided. I initially wrote this post as there is barely any information about PCOS on the internet, and my experience with doctors has been entirely negative so far, but in the end it turned into so much more. I received a few emails and even more DM’s about this post, so I’m glad I was able to help you guys understand this v. common illness. 

3. Salted Caramel Baileys Cocktails

My first cocktail recipe I’ve ever shared and perhaps my favourite boozy drink e v e r. I’ve even got my dad hooked on these deliciously desserty drinks. 

4. Timeless Jewellery with Michael Hill

I’ve really loved writing more about my personal style on the blog this year. Fun fact – I used to work in fashion and absolutely loved every second of it. Since my PCOS symptoms started to rear their ugly heads, I’ve struggled with self-confidence and have learned how to dress in a way that hides almost every part of my body and personality. Experimenting with jewellery and timelessness in this post really made me feel like my old self again, at least for a little while, which I’m so grateful to Michael Hill for. 

5. Easy Ways To Reduce Your Environmental Impact

Focusing on eco-friendly alternatives is something that I spent a lot of 2017 doing, but I definitely want to get better at it in 2018. Harry actually bought me my dream KeepCup for Christmas so I know it’s going to be a breeze. 

6. Wellness Challenge: Mothering Yourself

UGH I was so bad at sticking to this challenge, but so many of you said it really helped you take better care of yourself! Self care is so important, and inspiring you guys to look after yourselves and actually seeing you follow through made me so happy.

7. Banana Bread Iced Chai featuring Bluebird Tea Co

I’ve been creating recipes with Bluebird Tea for almost a year now and this is definitely my favourite yet! I still drink a version of this every single morning [as Banana Bread Chai went out of stock], but it still tastes FAB and is beyond perfect for the summer months. 

8. Christmas Home Touches

I mean… obviously.

9. Things To Know About Owning A Cat

Cats are so often misunderstood. I know there are people out there who are thinking of getting a cat, but are unsure if they really know what taking care of one involves. This post was a lot of fun to write and I still go back and read about some of the kooky things my two babies do. 

10. My Birthday Post…

…in which I shared a bunch of wisdom, tips and life advice that I’ve learnt from my 25 years on this earth. I also popped a gorg photo of myself in there from when I was a youngin’ – just for the lols. 

11. Being Late Is More Than Just A Bad Habit

A blog post in which I confessed my worst personality trait – the fact that I’m always running late. After this post went live I really tried to be early, and while I was sometimes, more often than not I was just on time and sometimes even a minute or two late. Eeeek. 

12. 5 Things PCOS Has Taught Me

Another post in which I opened up about polycystic ovarian syndrome. This one really got you guys talking, and I cannot even tell you how many people emailed me after this post went live telling me they had just been diagnosed, or that this post made them cry because they related to it so much. I’m glad I was able to help those of you who suffer with the inconveniences this illness brings understand it more and recognise areas of your lives that need a bit of work. Long story short – stress is toxic AF. Check your stress levels, girls. 

13. The Most Festive Cats You’ll Ever See

I know, I know. Another cat related blog post. But this one might just be my favourite. Look at how sweet my little babies look in their Christmas outfits! I’ve also been getting some emails asking how I get them to stay still for so long. The answer? Lots of Greenies

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