University Essentials

University Essentials

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. Isn’t that how the saying goes? Although it sounds kinda obvious, I feel like being prepared is one of the best ways to do well at University. The days and weeks go by so quick and often assessments require more than seven days of prep + work, so staying on top of the game is essential.

One of the ways I inspire myself to stay on track with my studies is by buying adorable stationery. It sounds very consumer-y and somewhat unnecessary, but keep in mind that I spend around 40 hours a week attending classes, watching lectures, taking notes, reading, writing, working on assessments, preparing for exams and planning my study. I think it’s acceptable to want to make that experience as enjoyable as possible!

I love reading about peoples stationery hauls, so it made perfect sense to share mine with you today. I hope this post inspires you to treasure the whole education experience a little more. It doesn’t last forever.

Study Essentials - A Girl & Grey

Depending on what you study and how you study, you’re going to need different things. I retain information so much better if I hand-write my notes, but I know that others prefer to go a paper-less route. Whichever you prefer.

:: I’ve been using this leather notebook for all of my note taking and absolutely love it. It’s sturdy and once you fill the notebook up, you just take it out of the leather sleeve and add a new one in. Very versatile!

:: As the leather notebook actually has a little elastic to hold a pen, I picked up this rose gold pen which is perfect for regular note taking as well as any fancy writing you’ve got to do on birthday cards and the like. The ink takes a few seconds to dry – so be careful of smudges.

:: Next up is a to-do list – and I like to keep these handy on my desk at all times in case I need to write little notes down. I also obviously use them to keep track of things I need to do – and since I’ve had such brain fog lately – I’ve found this adorable to do list helps make sure that I don’t forget anything major!

:: While I do keep a Google Calendar for my work/study schedule, I also like a tangible diary to write everything down. Sometimes I don’t check my Google Calendar in the morning and forget coffee dates, birthdays, etc, because I’m so busy with work, but if I have this diary open on my desk I find I’m always up to date.

:: Aside from my beloved rose gold pen, I do keep a jar on my desk chock-full of cute pens to use throughout the day. You can never have enough in my opinion. This cat pen is my current favourite.

:: Paper clips and bulldog clips always come in useful – especially for readings and course outlines, so I always make sure to have a bunch handy. I love these cat shaped paper clips and these rose gold bulldog clips.

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Apart from the regular stationery bits and bobs, there are a few other things I consider essential for my study, and they are…

:: A good bag. There are so many textbooks and notebooks and (glass) water bottles and EVERYTHING else that I cart around with me on campus – so a (preferably) large, sturdy bag is a must. I don’t like to spend too much on bags as I find my preference changes often, but this one is great.

:: Tea. This one might be a bit obvious, as I’m addicted to the stuff, but I actually LOVE taking tea bags to uni with me! A hot tea during a study session works so well to calm my nerves, pep me up a bit, and stop me reaching for sugary snacks. I love Morning Kick and Apple Strudel by the Bluebird Tea Company (use code GGTEABIRD56 for 20% off!) and I’m also obsessed with Just Peppermint and Creme Brulee by T2.

:: Along with tea bags, I also take my Keep Cup to classes with me. It’s durable – so it survives in my handbag – and is reusable – so I can drink my tea without creating unnecessary waste! I’m obsessed with this design – yep that’s right. You can design your own Keep Cup to make sure it suits your tastes (and your Instagram feed too!).

:: A good lip balm and hand cream are also things I tote around with me on campus because you never know when you’ll need them. This hand cream is my go-to and this lip oil is insanely hydrating.

:: The last thing that helps me stay on top of my study schedule is Evernote. It’s an app for your phone which is able to be accessed on your computer, and it allows you to create to-do lists, reminders, notes, etc on the go. I use this for my classes (and I have different notes for each class) and I write down important information like assessment due dates and readings I need to complete. I love Evernote because I can access it anywhere – whereas sometimes I leave my to-do list at home and completely forget everything on it – with this app it never happens. As I’m able to access these notes on my laptop – I love to copy and paste important links and passages from any readings or research I’ve been doing, and then am able to use the ten minutes in between classes to continue my research on my phone! It’s so useful!

Those are my University essentials! Let me know in the comments below what you take to class and what helps you stay productive. I’d love to learn about some more study based apps!

Sharni xo

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