Halloween Inspiration

Halloween Inspiration

We’ve now well and truly approached October, that means it’s time for all things Halloween,

*cue thunder and lightning*

I know I live in Australia, and we’re basically seventy years behind the rest of the world, but in our house we do celebrate Halloween. I guess in our culture over here it’s a little unusual, but I find it to be super fun and a great excuse to watch back-to-back horror films daily (and decorate my house with lots of pumpkins, of course).

Basically the only place I go to get Halloween inspiration is online. There’s nothing better than reading all of the Halloweeny blog posts, scrolling through the endless pictures on Pinterest (follow me on Pinterest), and seeing what people create on their Instagram pages (follow me on Instagram) to get me in the spooky mood. 

I thought I would save you all the hours of screen time and combine my favourite sources of Halloween inspiration in the one post. Grab a cuppa and a snack, guys, it’s going to be a long one. 

Halloween Inspiration, A Girl & Grey, Halloween 2017, Harry Potter Halloween

Inspiration for Halloween 2017

First things first, this wouldn’t be a Halloween Inspiration post without mentioning Harry Potter. It’s exciting and magical and at times creepy AF, so I tend to draw a lot of inspiration from the films and books, a.k.a. lots of pumpkins, cats and owls. 

As for pumpkins, I’m slightly obsessed with these images from Pinterest…

I think you can tell from these photos that I’m definitely more of a pumpkin girl than a bat/zombie/witch girl, but I’m not opposed to a cute ghost if I see one. 

Instagram is such an exciting online community, and I thought to share some love, I’d tell you guys which accounts I’m following right now that are pumping out some seriously inspirational Halloween content. 

As for blog posts I’ve been reading (and loving) this time of year, I’ve got quite a few…

Now, let’s move on to some recipes, shall we?

And finally, some spooky book recommendations…

Halloween Inspiration - A GIRL & GREY

And that about sums up all of the inspiration I’ve gathered so far for Halloween this year! I’ve been doing quite a bit of shopping and home styling, so get ready for a Halloween Haul and a Halloween Home Touches blog post coming later on in the month.

Do you celebrate Halloween? And where do you go to feel inspired?

Sharni xo


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