Blogs to Follow

Blogs to Follow

I’ve been a long time blog reader. I’m not sure if I’ve ever actually shared that with you guys, but I have. I’ve been a regular blog reader/lover for almost ten years now.

Even as a teenager, I wanted to have my own ‘website’ on which I wrote about my life. These were the days before blogging was a career, let alone an actual ‘thing’, but I wanted to do it nevertheless.

For a while after I finished my degree, I considered myself an interested observer: I loved reading blogs, absolutely adored it actually, but never thought I would have my own. But somehow here I am.

I’ve been writing on my little platform for around a year now, and I can’t even tell you how happy it makes me. I love the creative aspect of it, and I love the technical side too. This time last year I didn’t even know what a DSLR was, let alone how to use one, and I would never have dreamed of going self-hosted.

Blogging is tough, guys. It may seem all PR packages and elegance; writing a blog post with a takeaway latte in one hand and an almond croissant in the other, but actually – it’s a lot of work. The things I’ve learnt over the past year could fill an entire post, one which I might write eventually, but I really wanted to highlight one major aspect of blogging that often gets under-looked.


I mean, it’s what we all write for, isn’t it? While I know that most of us do this ‘thing’ that we do because it feels good and it makes us happy, there is definitely the engagement element of it too. We want people to read and consume our content, we want people to comment, like and share, and we want people to find value in what we create.

Something else we want is feedback.

Now, I’m not talking negative feedback, oh no. I’m talking about positive feedback.

Don’t get me wrong, the right kind of negative feedback goes a long way. I’ve had readers inform me of broken links here and there and emails that keep getting sent to the junk folder. This kind of feedback is invaluable. I’ve also had readers let me know which specific content of mine they enjoy, and which they don’t. GREAT! This helps out more than you could know.

The feedback I’m talking about today, though, is positive feedback in the form of admiration. Us bloggers put a lot of work into what we create, and sometimes it’s just bloody nice to be told that what we’re doing is fab. Okay, yes, maybe it inflates our ego a little, and maybe we’re all a little narcissistic, but in the grand scheme of things, it gives us purpose. 

We sit at our desks, on the train, in the library, on our bed, or at our dining tables writing words on a screen as though we’re speaking directly to you, our reader, and while that is so rewarding, it also feels a bit… pointless at times. I often find myself asking if anyone is actually reading this, or if anyone actually cares.

So, I’m starting the positive feedback train here on A Girl & Grey, and today I’m going to tell you my favourite bloggers right now. I’m thinking I’ll do one of these posts up every month or so, and share some love and traffic with the bloggers out there that constantly inspire, motivate and educate me. Go check out the work these bloggers are doing, comment and engage with their stuff, and share it with all of your friends. Here’s to bloggers supporting each other!


Okay, so the first blog I am LOVING right now is Coco’s Tea Party. Ella writes mainly about fashion, but you’ll also find pops of lifestyle, career and beauty related content on her blog too. I was first introduced to Ella on her podcast ‘Let’s Discuss’, which is an essential listen for anyone interested in blogging, health, social media, wellness, Instagram, fitness, diet, budgeting… actually it’s just the perfect listen for anyone looking for a little more inspiration in their life. But back to Ella’s blog, some of her posts I am loving right now are:

You can check out Ella’s blog here, and her Instagram here.

Blogs to Follow: Coco's Tea Party - A GIRL AND GREY

Another blog I cannot get enough of is Meg Says. I first discovered Meg on her Youtube channel of the same name and have been following her ever since. Meg writes about beauty and fashion and also creates some content focusing on chronic illness. As a sufferer myself, this kind of openness on the internet is admirable, and I’ve fallen in love with the way Meg writes. She has a knack for writing how she speaks, and it’s always in the gentlest way possible. I feel like I’m chatting with a friend whenever I read Meg’s content. I typically prop myself up in bed with a cup of tea before perusing her blog, as it is really easy to get lost in there for hours! Posts you need to check out are:

Follow Meg on Instagram here, and read her blog here.

Blogs to Follow: Meg Says - A GIRL AND GREY

The Sunday Chapter just had to be added to this list. Angela is a fellow Aussie and writes about anything and everything from fashion to beauty, travel, lifestyle, food, you name it. I would say her content mainly focuses around travel and fashion, but I’m not a major reader of either of those things and I still find something new every time I visit her blog. The Sunday Chapter is such a professional platform, and Angela does to well to create content that exudes elegance. I feel like this blog is perfect for girls in their twenties  who need a little more inspiration in their life. You’ve gotta read:

You can find Angela on Instagram here, and you can follow along on her blog here.

Blogs to Follow: The Sunday Chapter - A GIRL AND GREY

At the same time of finding Ella (above) I also discovered Monica’s blog, The Elgin Avenue. If you didn’t make the connection and I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t – I’ve had three hours sleep so I’m a bit everywhere! – Monica also created the Let’s Discuss podcast! Monica mainly creates lifestyle, fashion, beauty and career based content, and I find she just has her shit together. She’s definitely my go-to when I’m feeling a bit lost, and I always leave her blog feeling inspired and motivated. I’m loving these posts right now:

You can check out Monica’s blog here, and her Instagram here.

Blogs to Follow: The Elgin Avenue - A GIRL AND GREY

And those are just a few of the blogs I’m loving right now!

Make sure to head on over and share the love, and also let me know in the comments below who your favourite bloggers and Instagrammers are right now.

Sharni xo

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