Where to Eat on the Sunshine Coast: Moto

Where to Eat on the Sunshine Coast: Moto

This weeks Where to Eat on the Sunshine Coast is a little closer to where I live. Actually, if I’m honest it’s literally down the road from my house, so it’s a firm favourite of ours for cheap and delicious food.

Moto is located in Noosa Junction, almost across the road from the Post Office. They’re sort of a super casual restaurant/bike shop, and they serve custom beers on tap most nights of the week (if not all).

We ventured to Moto on Saturday morning for a feast – seriously starving, and let me tell you right now that we were not disappointed!

The first thing I love about this place is that they have themed nights of the week. For example, if you were to head to Moto for dinner on Friday night, they have a DJ and serve super delicious tacos all night long. On Sundays they have a pizza truck, and on Thursdays they do burritos (my personal fav). We’d never been there on a Saturday morning, however, and were pleasantly surprised to find they had a barbecue fired up out front and were making burgers!

Something to know about me is that I freaking love burgers. I lovelovelove ’em.

The only problem is that Noosa has got so many burger places and sometimes they all blend into one. You’d think my expertise in the bread and fillings area would render this place redundant to me, but the burgers are bloody INSANE. You’d be stupid to not go there EVERY Saturday to fill your cravings!

So, what did we order?

Well, Harry is a coffee aficionado, so he of course ordered himself a cold drip. They serve Clandestino coffee at Moto, which if you’re not aware – is the best coffee in Noosa.  So here you go… feast your eyes on some **super artsy** shots of Harry’s drink that he (reluctantly) let me photograph.

And then, because you know we have no self control, Harry and I ordered a Nutella and strawberry jam muffin to share. This muffin was LEGIT – so chocolately and fluffy and the strawberry jam was such a nice touch. I think they were also selling passionfruit and lemon curd muffins – which I’m sure would taste just as good but, y’know… Chocolate always comes first.

As for our actual breakfasts – Harry went for a maple pork and smoked bacon sausage with grilled beer onions and mustard ketchup (is that a thing?) and it was so good. The sausage was out of this world tasty, and also suppppper juicy. Also – the beer onions? I’ll describe them for you in one word: phenomenal.

Last but certainly not least: my burger. I went for the beef burger with grilled beer onions (YAS), bacon, avocado, cheese, lettuce, ketchup mayo, and tomato. In my opinion, you cannot go wrong with a simple beef burger BUT it has to be done right. You need lotsa sauce and some bacon, and seriously – don’t even waste my time if it doesn’t have cheese!

This beef burger from Moto ticked all of those boxes and then some! 10/10 do recommend!

So if you’re looking for a super cheap yet hearty and delicious breakfast this Saturday – you really should head to Moto in Noosa. They also do regular breakfast bits, like smashed avocado on toast as well as some other phenomenal dishes, like the breakfast burrito (which is soooo good). There’s something for the whole family!

Let me know in the comments what your ideal Saturday breakfast is. I’d love to know if you’re as burger obsessed as I am!

You can find Moto here, here and here.

Sharni X

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