What I Read In October

What I Read In October

I would like to say that I beat the number of books I read last month, but unfortunately I didn’t. It probably had a lottttt to do with the fact that I had way too many assignments due as well as an exam, but I’m so grateful to be finished studying for the year. It’s holiday time!

In October I read four books, which is pretty good I guess. It’s definitely something I want to do better at this November, but we’ll see!

Before we get started, I just want to let you guys know that I started a bookstagram! I just wanted another place online to share all of my bookish content, since I create a lot of it. Make sure to follow me on there to stay up to date with what I’m reading!

Okay, so… which books did I read in October?

What I Read In October - A GIRL & GREY


This was one of our book club reads [catch the discussion post here] for October, and I definitely think it was my favourite of the bunch.

It’s got all the elements of the perfect crime thriller novel: a protagonist who survived a horrific mass murder who cannot remember the event, a suicide that doesn’t seem like a suicide, and a mysterious woman who doesn’t seem to be who she says she is…

Who can Quincy possibly trust when she can’t remember who killed her friends?

READ THIS BOOK. JUST DO IT. I finished it so quickly and it left me in total shock! You won’t regret picking this one up. 

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What I Read In October - A GIRL & GREY


Guys, it took me like three months to read this book. 

That’s not to say that I didn’t enjoy it, I just found it was kind of a slow burn [pun intended], and I didn’t really connect with the characters at first. I was surprised by the ending… disturbed, actually, and I will say that I flew through the last one hundred pages in the early hours of Monday morning… It was too good to put down at that point. 

Upon finishing it, I can say it’s a solid novel. You should read it if you’re into Australian crime fiction with a twist. The main character actually grew on me in the end, and I’ve seen that Jane Harper has published another book with him as the protagonist, which I’m beyond keen to read!

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What I Read In October - A GIRL & GREY


This was another October Book Club read, and I also really enjoyed this book!

It was the perfect combination of young adult, mystery and romance, and I liked how the story began. 

The only criticism of this novel I have is that it ended really, really fast. I would have loved about 100 or so more pages of the story, as I felt it was kind of just getting started at the end.

Pick this one up if you’re a YA fan in need of a quick read.

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What I Read In October - A GIRL & GREY


I received this book in the mail a couple of months ago, but I only properly picked it up this month. 

It’s full of gorgeous illustrations and information about indoor plants. I will say that it doesn’t cover all indoor plants, which doesn’t really bother me, but it is something to note.

This book is the perfect coffee table book for the plant lover, or for anyone who appreciates beautiful watercolour illustrations. I think it’s an essential in the millennial home. 

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What I Read In October - A GIRL & GREY

And those are the books I read in October. Have you read any of the books on this list?

Sharni xo

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