BOOK CLUB: September

BOOK CLUB: September

It’s finally time to discuss our September books!

I don’t know about you guys, but I found it really hard to fall into a routine when reading these books. I was either all in at 2AM or not at all. I decided to push myself to read them in a day or so, and found that once I found a rhythm, I couldn’t be stopped!

I do think my favourite of the two was Emma In The Night.

That’s not to say that The Hypnotist’s Love Story wasn’t great, because it was such a guilty pleasure read!

Anyway, before I give too much else away about the books, I just wanted to remind you to vote for our October books! I’ll be announcing the chosen books in a few days so get your votes in now if you want them to make a difference. We have one clear winner so far, but as for our second book – it’s still open!

Now, let’s chat about our September books!

We discuss Emma In The Night and The Hypnotist's Love Story for our first #AGIRLANDGREYBOOKCLUB!

We discuss Emma In The Night and The Hypnotist's Love Story for our first #AGIRLANDGREYBOOKCLUB!

We discuss Emma In The Night and The Hypnotist's Love Story for our first #AGIRLANDGREYBOOKCLUB!

Hmm… Which to start with?

I might go with The Hypnotist’s Love Story. I’m going to be one hundred percent honest and say that when I first started reading this book, I struggled to focus. I just felt that the protagonist was quite judgmental and hard to relate to, but I think that had a lot to do with my age. At twenty-four, I’m not really sharing many of the same thoughts, and I realised that was why I was finding it hard to make a connection.

About fifty pages in, however, I became hooked to the mystery of the story. I find stalkers both fascinating and terrifying, and it really intrigues me how someone becomes that way. I think Liane Moriarty created her characters so well that at times it was more than easy to feel sorry for the stalker, and perhaps even understand her motive. There were multiple times within the novel that I forgot all the messed up shit she was doing and felt bad for her, and that perhaps Patrick deserved what he was getting.

Now, let’s talk about Ellen.

I’ve already mentioned that I found her irritating at first, because she was slightly judgmental, but after I settled into the book I too became fascinated with her way of thinking. I really enjoyed learning about hypnotherapy and the factors in Ellen’s life that molded her into the person she was. I also related to the relationship she shares with her mother.

I think perhaps the strongest part of the novel was the love story, but not in the way you would expect. The Hypnotist’s Love Story is not your typical romance novel. I find it more to be feminist literature, as most (if not all) of the female characters in this book are strong, self-sufficient and successful.

Up next is Emma In The Night, and I loved this book.

I was surprised by how fast I finished this book, but I knew from the second it arrived on my doorstep that I would love it. It had the right amount of mystery and crime and chilling details that I was hooked from the very first page. If you haven’t read it yet… soz, but can we please talk about the narcissism element of the story?

Hoooooooooly hell. Terrifying, right?

I guess what’s even more terrifying is that I can relate to every single part of it. So much so, that as soon as I finished devouring the story I sat and cried for ten minutes straight. If you know, you know, but what a powerful element to bring to a fictional narrative.

Okay, it’s time for the best bit. 

The discussion.

I want you guys to get involved in the conversation about these books, and I thought for the first month I’d have some questions so you get used to the style of responding. So many of you are first-time commenters and I know it seems daunting but this is a total safe space to share how you feel, whether or not you enjoyed the book/s, and what elements of the novel/s fascinated you most. Leave your responses in the comments below and if you wish to remain anonymous, that’s totally fine! I’m also open to receiving emails about the novels, so contact me at if you want to get in touch.

With that said, here are some questions:

  1. Which book did you read?
  2. Did you enjoy the book/s?
  3. How did the novel/s make you feel? Emma In The Night made me feel really sad, but also quite tense at the same time, whereas when I finished The Hypnotist’s Love Story, I felt… satisfied. Weird way to feel, I know, but please let me know if you relate!
  4. Who was your favourite character in the book/s? I loved Abby Winter in Emma In The Night and Julia in The Hypnotist’s Love Story.
  5. What did you learn from the novel/s? I’m really interested to know.

Okay, so that’s the end of my bit, and the rest is up to you! Let’s have a good old chat in the comments below.

Sharni xo

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9 thoughts on “BOOK CLUB: September”

  • I finished both of these books (I listened to The Hypnotist’s Love Story on Audible and I read Emma in the Night on Kindle)

    I enjoyed both of the books – I found The Hypnotist’s Love Story enjoyable to read and like you said, I felt satisfied and content after finishing it. Funnily enough my favourite character was Saskia, even though she was clearly doing the wrong thing I still think she deserved better from Patrick and I kept hoping that she would finally accept that things had changed and she needed to move on. TBH I feel like Liane Moriarty’s books are all very similar, there’s usually some sort of twist or mystery but then it all smooths out in the end and there’s pretty much always a happy ending. Books like this are the type I like to read when I’m in a reading slump and need something fun to read to get me excited to read again, In saying that though, I probably wouldn’t re-read it.

    I also really liked Emma in the Night, at first I wasn’t really sure what to make of it as it wasn’t what I was initially expecting but as I got further into it I really started to enjoy it. I really liked how Wendy Walker wrote this, because I had absolutely no idea of what was going to happen in the end. (usually with most crime/mysteries it’s fairly obvious) As I got further into the book I could start to see why Cass was explaining the situation the way she was and how her mother’s narcissism related to the story. Unfortunately I didn’t connect with this book as much as I would have liked to as I couldn’t really relate to the characters. (I also feel because I finished this late at night that I was probably too tired and out of it to really grasp the emotions in the story) I also liked Abby Winter as well as Cass and Emma’s half brother Witt. I’d love to read this again in the future so I can hopefully get more out of it.

    Thanks for picking these books Sharni, I’m excited to see what everyone else’s thoughts are and to read Octobers picks!

    Rachel x

    • Oooh I did actually enjoy Saskia’s character – she was very sarcastic and almost self-depricating, which I loved. I also believe she deserved better from Patrick, and because of his actions, I was kind of waiting for the other shoe to drop in his relationship with Ellen. I half thought that maybe he was going to turn out to be a psychopath! I definitely feel the same about Liane’s books and I think that’s why I wasn’t very enthusiastic at the beginning, because I felt I’d already read it before. All in all a good book though!

      As for Emma In The Night, I definitely feel like it would be hard to relate to if you haven’t experienced those things within your own life, but I did love Witt! I felt like he and his father were the only people really there for Cass and Emma in the end, along with Abby. I will actually re-read this one day, so I can pay further attention to Cass’s story at the beginning. It did drone on for a bit, and I will admit that I skipped a sentence or two here and there. I think going back and re-reading it knowing what happens would fill in a few of the blanks I have about the island.

      Thanks so much for the discussion and feedback, Rachel! I’m so excited that you are part of this community! xo

  • Okay so I have to admit that I’m not quite done with Emma in the Night yet as my schedule been a little craycray! So far I’m loving it though, and I will definitely keep reading regardless of any spoilers on here just because it’s so good! I do agree with it being hard to relate because the situation these characters are in is so extreme and different to mine. The only thing I can relate to is maybe having a sister and that feeling of wanting to do anything for her because she is your sister! I’d have to say that I love Witt the most for obvious reasons haha He’s just a good big bro! As far as something I’ve learned…I might have to save that for when I finish the book!

    Also, can I add that I love this and definitely can’t wait until next month! 🙂

    • Oh Kelsey I didn’t even think of spoilers! I’m so sorry, I hope we didn’t give too much away. I think you’ll still be surprised in the end either way. You’ll have to report back once you’re done.

      And thankyou so much! I’m so happy that everyone seems to be loving it! xo

  • Hey! Sorry it’s taken so long to get around to posting (especially because I finished The Hypnotist’s Love story in a day)! I really enjoyed reading it. It’s not a book I normally would have picked up but definitely one you can get stuck into and I shot through it on a day off. I did find Patrick quite annoying as a character and I agree with you Sharni, I did spend a lot of the time waiting for him to turn out a psycho! I haven’t read any of her other books before so this did feel quite new for me (I did love the TV version of Big Little Lies though) but I also don’t tend to read from this genre either. I think for me, I wasn’t really that invested in the characters and it’s not one I’d reread or pick up a sequel if one was written. Saskia was definitely the most interesting characters along with Ellen’s family (her mother and aunts were great!) and would love to have seen a bit more from their points of view. The book did make me want to explore hypnotherapy as well haha!
    I haven’t read Emma in the Night but I’m definitely looking to pick it up now having read your thoughts above.

    Becca xx

    • That’s okay Becca, there’s no rush at all. I totally agree with you in not being super invested in the characters – there wasn’t really anyone within the story to anchor yourself to, was there? If you read The Hypnotist’s Love Story within a day, you’ll definitely love Emma in the Night. I hope you’re excited for our October books! Thanks so much for joining in on the discussion xo

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