BOOK CLUB: Pick Next Month’s Books!

BOOK CLUB: Pick Next Month’s Books!

Can I just take a moment to thank all of you who joined my book club for the first month? I had a goal in mind for the number of joiners I wanted in September, and you guys have well and truly smashed that goal out of the park, so thank you. Who knew there were so many closet book worms out there?

As September is well under way, I thought I would pop in and let you guys know the options for next month’s book club. I know we haven’t even discussed our September books yet, but I like to give enough time for everyone to have an informed vote on the books we’ll be reading!

On that, we’ll be discussing our September books late next week – so get reading! I’m loving both books so far – especially Emma In The Night. It’s not too late to join the September book club either, just head to this post to sign up, and this post to find out the books we’re reading right now. 

For October, as it is the month of Halloween, I’ve chosen some more mystery/thriller/horror novels. They seem to be the most popular for our group, but to keep things interesting, I’ve also added in some contemporary romance and young adult reads with amazing reviews online. I feel like I’ve achieved the perfect balance in genres, and I also took the liberty of sussing their prices out online first too. I realise that everyone has constant expenses in their lives and I don’t want this book club to be hard or expensive to be a part of. For that reason, only one of the books in this list costs more than $15 on Book Depository. Yay!

Okay, so it’s now time to reveal your options for the month of October. Remember that the two highest voted for books are chosen, and so it would be helpful if you voted for two books in order of preference, but even just one vote helps out a bunch! Thanks guys.

Book Club: Pick Next Month's Books! - A GIRL & GREY

1. The One That Got Away by Melissa Pimentel.

Ruby and Ethan were high school lovers, until adulthood separated them. Ten years later, Ethan is the best man in Ruby’s sisters wedding, and their paths must cross again. Ruby is anxious at the thought of the encounter: what will happen after ten years of not seeing each other? Does distance make the heart grow fonder, or will their reasons for splitting become painstakingly obvious?

I love the idea of this story. Either way, I’ll be purchasing this to read – it’s supposed to be a modernised retelling of Jane Austen’s Persuasion!

2. One of Us Is Lying by Karen M McManus.

Five high school students walk into detention on Monday afternoon, however only four of them walk out alive. Who killed Simon? Was it someone else in detention, or did a crazy murderer come into the school and slaughter him in those few hours? And, perhaps the most important question of all, did it have anything to do with Simon’s notorious gossip app that he created to slander his peers? Was this an act of revenge?

This is another book I’ll be purchasing. It’s young-adult mixed with a bit of crime and mystery and I absolutely live for that.

3. Swear on This Life by Renee Carlino. 

J. Colby is the hottest name in the world of writers right now. He’s just released his debut novel, only to have it make the bestsellers list for literary fiction. Emiline is jealous. She’s been trying to write a successful novel for years, and the success of Colby has hit a sore spot. She picks the novel up reluctantly, but as soon as she starts reading is unable to put the book down. Why? Because the story within it’s pages is her story. It tells of Emiline’s dark past and teenage relationship with Jase, so she knows he must be the ‘J’ behind the name. Emiline plans to confront Jase, or J. Colby, but is she really prepared for what she is about to find out?

What a clever and creative idea! I think this book will be one to remember.

4. Final Girls by Riley Sager. 

Three girls that all survived separate mass murders have been labeled as ‘the final girls’ by the media, much to the girls’ dismay. They want to move on from their past trauma, not be enveloped in it. But when one of the girls is found dead in her bathtub, the other two girls join together to figure out what sort of dark forces are at play. The only problem is, can you really trust someone you’ve never met?

OH MY GOD. This one sounds amazing!

5. The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware.

A travel journalist named Lo has just been given the career opportunity of a lifetime: a week-long luxury cruise, by herself, all expenses paid, on an almost empty ship. What could go wrong, right? Well one night, Lo swears she sees a woman’s body being thrown overboard, but when she reports it, she is informed that all passengers on board the ship are accounted for. Is Lo’s mind playing tricks on her, or is there something seriously shady going on aboard this luxury cruise ship?

I’ve heard this book can be likened to The Girl On The Train! I can’t wait to read this novel.

6. Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn.

In this story, two preteen girls are murdered in a small town and Camille Preaker, a reporter who once lived in the same town, is sent back to write about the murders. Camille hasn’t spoken to her neurotic mother in years, and has next to no relationship with her thirteen year old step-sister, so you can imagine the entire situation is awkward when she shows up on their doorstep asking for a place to stay so she can investigate a double-murder.

I’ve heard this novel comes with some major trigger warnings, but I’ve read rave reviews nonetheless.

7. The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah.

Vianne and Isabelle are sisters separated by more than continents. But when World War ll strikes, they find themselves thrown together in a constant state of devastation and change. 

This historical fiction novel was published in 2015 and still receives hype today, so I thought it would be good to include. I hope you guys haven’t read it yet! It sounds really interesting.

8. Pretty Girls by Karin Slaughter.

When Claire and Lydia’s younger sister goes missing, they are devastated. This major life event separates them for years. Twenty years later they are reunited after Claire’s husband is murdered. There’s no way this could be linked to their horrific loss from twenty years earlier… but what if it is?

I’ve read so many amazing things about this book! What a surname the author has, right?! I think I’ll pick this one up even if it doesn’t get chosen.

9. Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng.

A Chinese-American family live a happy and quiet life in small-town Ohio, until one of the children’s bodies is found in the local lake. Everyone wants to know, what happened to poor Lydia?

This story promises to be a gripping page turner, and it certainly sounds interesting! It’s also gotten such great reviews online.

10. The Secret History of Us by Jessi Kirby.

High school student Olivia wakes up after a near-drowning incident with no memory of the past four years. Not school, not her friends, not her boyfriend… nothing. The more Olivia tries to remember, the more she forgets. But the one thing she can’t seem to forget is the boy named Walker who saved her life… 

Another young-adult, contemporary novel full of secrets that promises to tear at your heartstrings. I’m excited about this book!

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